Spokane Walleye Club Members! Submit your big fish picture to gjkoch@q.com. Weight and measurement info is nice to have.

Chad's 32 inch walleye. Lake Roosevelt. January 2016.

Ron H caught this big fish on Roosevelt on April 1st.

Greg's 25 incher. May 10.

Greg's 7.5 pound walleye measuring 27 inches. Lake Umatilla. June 28.

Greg's 5 pounder measuring 25 inches. Lake Umatilla. June 28.

Allan's 9.7 pound walleye measuring 29 inches. Snake River. June 30.

Linda's 9.75lb walleye measured 29 inches. Snake River. July 9th.

Ron's 8 pounder measuring 26 inches. Roosevelt. July 11.

Eli with a 26.5 inch walleye weighing 5 pounds. August 28th from Rufus Woods.

Greg's 25.5 inch walleye that weighed nearly 6 pounds. Sep 7th. Snake River.

Patrick S caught this 7.5 pound walleye measuring 28 inches on October 9th during the Spokane Walleye Club Fish Day at Texas Rapids on the Snake River.

Joe's 9 pound 14 ounce walleye measuring 31 inches on the Snake River. November 4th.

Greg caught this fat 28 inch walleye weighing 9 pounds on the Snake River. November 7th.