Tom, Steve and Doug at Roosevelt (Lincoln) 3/12

Met  Steve R at Yokes in Airway Heights about 9 A.M. Found Doug N there also and we all headed for Roosevelt to purchase a launch permit. Having heard glowing reports of the areas downstream from Lincoln  we headed over to Seven Bays to put in. Doug picked up Ron H on the way over and were met with a surprise. The weather was perfect. Clear, no wind, but a tad cool.. The surprise was 1/4 inch of ice covering the basin.. Had to become an Ice breaker to get to the main lake. Headed  down toward Lincoln, and ran into large thin(luckily) ice flows on the main lake across from the mouth of Hawk Creek. Makes a lot of racket when your in a tin boat. Doug and Ron dropped off past Lincoln and I headed down to Halverson Canyon to see if there was anything on some humps down there. There wasn't. Went back up to the point and pulled in with some other boats, Doug and Ron among them. Doug had four eyes (he does wear glasses), so I resorted to his method, which was plain jig and a Gulp Minnow, no worm. Water temp was 36 degrees so every thing was super slow. I kinda zigged and zagged from 20 to 40 feet . Managed to get 2 in the boat and lost a couple on the way up. No size to speak of. About 4 o'clock we headed up stream to the Rock across from Seven Bays(no ice coming back) alas there were no fish there either. Called it a day around 5 headed into Davenport to the Bowling Alley for a Burger and a Beer. Steve had a beer called "Irish Death". I was kinda worried on the way back but he was alive when we got to Airway Heights, and he called me the next day. the Beer is misnamed. Maybe cause he's German???

Jim and Dad at Roosevelt (Ft Spokane) 3/12

My dad and I got on the water at about 9AM after camping at Fort Spokane.  I had never fished Casino Flats before, so we started there.  There were about a half dozen boats there along the outside break, so I started scanning with my electronics near the point, and saw most activity at 35'.  After going over a spot that had several fish on it, we immediately dropped the trolling motor and swung back to fish over this waypoint.  We continued with the same technique successful to me my last few trips… a motor oil grub on black 3/8 oz jig dead-sticking it along the bottom.  On our first pass over this spot my dad landed the 19" walleye in the picture.  After several more passes we did not land another fish.  For a short while I placed my grub rod in a rod holder and cast a fire tiger colored Rapala Clackin' Rap  I did have one good solid bite while I was casting it, letting it drop to the bottom and ripped it back to me.  After a few hours here, we relocated to across lake from Casino Flats to the upper end of the flats on that side of the lake.  (Another new to me spot.)  Again, I used electronics for about 10 minutes to locate fish, the swung back to an area that had most fish activity.  We ended up catching three walleye between 20" and 21" in the next 40 minutes while dead-sticking grubs on jigs.  After that we needed to call it a day and head back to Spokane for my daughter's Kindergarten musical this evening.  Will be a great day with the family!

Jim and Dad Roosevelt (Lincoln) 3/11

Took my dad fishing out of Fort Spokane so we could camp there at the end of the day.  Ran into Alan W. at the ramp and exchanged notes from their day on the water the day before.  We exchanged starting spots and both put in at about 10:30AM.  We immediately made the run to the same place I've been catching the fish out of Lincoln.  (See my reports from 2/14 and 3/5.)  A few minutes after arriving, we had a fish on using the same very slow dragging a jig and grub method that was successful on previous trips.  We left the spot at about 3:30 with 10 keepers after throwing back four and missing perhaps another 15-20 bites.  Alan came and joined us after out 2nd drift and started catching fish as well with same technique.  Needed to hold rod motionless, and bites were very subtle.  Water temp was 37 degrees.  Caught fish in 40-47 FOW.  Spent the last two hours of our fishing day exploring new to me spots across from seven bays and outhouse flats.  Only picked up a trout on outhouse.  To compare my visits to my spot a few miles below Lincoln on 2/14, 3/5, and now 3/11the fish have gotten progressively smaller from all running 20", to between 15 and 20" for the 2nd trip, then today we threw back four that were about 10-11", and most averaged between 14" and 16".  Fish today were also almost albino in color.  Interesting that they darkened up by the time we cleaned them at the end of the day.

Del at Roosevelt (Lincoln) 3/8

 Left the house around 5:00 am to pick up my good fishing buddies JB and Big B. Fueled up and headed west out of Medical Lake on Hwy 2. At this point we were unsure where we were heading, just headed west. With great conversation with good friends we occasionally contemplated where we were heading! Made it through Davenport without turning north which wasn't a hard decision considering the results from the previous day. So still heading west at this point. We had narrowed our destination down to Rufus Woods or Lincoln. We decided to give a ring out to another good fishing buddy of ours from the NWW club who lives close to Rufus, for a little insider info. We didn't get an answer, probably due to the fact that I think we woke him up. Oops sorry bro!!! So we left a message and proceeded west when all of a sudden the truck veered to the right off of Hwy 2 at the Lincoln exit. We all looked at each other in complete surprise at what had just happen and decided that the truck must know something that we didn't!!! So we went with it!!!! At about this time the phone rang. It was the buddy we had woke up, returning our call. Come to find out he was getting ready to head our way to meet a friend at the confluence. That being said we figured that the truck had probably made the right decision. So we proceeded to Lincoln. Wow, what an adventure this trip had already began to be!!! But little did we know that we hadn't seen anything yet!!!!

 Launched at Lincoln at about 7:00 am and head to a favorite spot that had been good to us in the past.  We pulled in and turned in to the wind which was gusting at approx. 7-10 mph (cloudy and cold) and dropped the bow mount. Turned on the bow mount immediately to gain some boat control. I noticed right away that my drift speed was a bit higher than normal for these conditions. So I checked the battery, which to my surprise where only at 25%. The bank charger went t#@& up during the night and left us with minimal power for or trip. Well what do you do? So, we fished on! Water temp was 36 degrees and clarity was much better than the Spokane Arm. We started our drift using only the absolute minimal amount of power that we needed to stay on track due to the battery issue. Tossed out our jigging rigs with pumpkin seed w/ chart. tails and one with solid motor oil jigs and began to fish. About 10 - 15 mins. went by and nothing. I was already beginning to think this may end up being a short trip. When all of a sudden, BANG, FISH ON!!!! Big B lands a nice 20" wally!!! Got that one in the livewell and back out goes his motor oil jig  and BANG another bite, but missed that one. So at this point I am thinking time to change out my pumpkin jig to the motor oil. But before I could even finish thinking BANG FISH ON!!! I pull in a nice 19" wally. Then BANG, FISH ON!!!! JB pulls in a nice 20" wally!!! So at this point it is on. We end the first drift with five nice walleyes in the livewell. Back up we go to hit it again and we have the same results. We continue for about three hours until the bow mount finally loses power. With fishing this good we aren't about to call it quits! So we pull up to the head of our drift and drop the kicker and put it in reverse against the wind and current. We are right back at with the same results as the previous drifts. All fish seemed to be held up in the 35 - 45 foot range and they are hungry!

 Around mid afternoon the buddy that we had woke up that morning shows up and informs us that he had been at the confluence. And there were more boats than fish. He had only seen but a couple of fish caught all day and asked how we were doing. We held up a few fish that we had caught and told him that fishing hadn't been too bad. (Hehehe) So he jumped in the mix and had the same results. When it was all said and done, our boat had landed over 50 fish! With the biggest (a fat girl) weighing in at 5lbs! Caught and released by Big B!!! All fish kept where approx. 17" -  23" males. WOW what a adventure this turned out to be!!! We all agreed that this had to have been one of the best days (if not the best day) that we have ever had out on the main lake, L.R.!!!!! Well, be safe out there and good luck to all. Let's get out there and land some eyes!!!!


Del at Roosevelt (Porcupine Bay) 3/7

Headed out of Medical Lake at around 6:00 am with my buddy Dave. Contemplated where we should launch at and decided to hit Porcupine Bay. As we came around the bend and paralleled the water before the campground we looked out and (as we figured) all you could see was chocolate milk. Not mud lines, just straight chocolate milk as far as the eye could see! So with hesitation we proceeded to the launch. Launched at approx. 7:00 am and headed out to Blue Creek Flats. Water  temps. were 37 degrees, winds calm, sun poking through light cloud cover, and air temp was 34 degrees and climbing quick. As soon as we pulled in to one, of my many waypoints in this area, we started marking fish at about 48ft. Dropped the bow mount and tossed out our jig rigs. Jigged for about the first hour, changing up color about every third cast with no results (still marking fish though). Noticed that we were losing visual of our jigs within the first foot of water on the drop. Decided to switch it up and stared pitching jig raps and blade baits. Still know results so tried dragging some worm harnesses. Tried some bright hard blades and some death hooks w/ smileys. Still no results but still marking fish. Figured it was time to try a different spot, so we headed down stream to the cemetery area. Back to jigging and managed to finally drag in one fish. Stuck around for a few more hours with no prevail. So at this point I decided that since I can’t seem to catch any fish I might as well catch a tan in the sunny, mid day, mid 50 degree weather. So I proceeded to strip down to the old speedo and laid out on the deck of the old Lund, and caught some rays!!!!  LOL (just kidding)!!!! But it was a beautiful day of some much needed sun and warmer weather!!!!   Bumped in to a fellow NWW club member who pulled into the launch right after us that morning and figured we would see how he had been doing. He had managed three fish first thing that morning. I believe he had been jigging and using blade baits further downstream when he landed those. So at this point we decided to call it and headed for the launch. Did find out later that our NWW club buddy managed five by the end of his trip that day. But didn't come easy!!!!

Jim at Lake Roosevelt (Lincoln) 3/5

Wednesday March 5, 2014.  Winds predicted to be high in the Pasco are again, so I relocated up to Lake Roosevelt.  Put in at Lincoln at noon and fished two spots I've had success before.  Caught 10 walleyes and missed about 8 other bites in the next 2.5 hours on a motor oil grub on black jig.  Same as my last fishing outing here (February 14th), you had to be dead sticking your jig and letting it drag, or you were not getting bit.  My last visit fish were in 37 FOW, this time they were in 47 FOW.  All fish were between 15 and 20"… running a bit smaller than last time as well when every fish was at 20".  Weather was flat calm the whole day with an approaching front (Rained HARD that night).  Didn't need a jacket all day until I began running around looking for new (to me) fishing spots when I explored between Hawk Creek and Jones Bay.  May be back next week as my dad is in town… love to pay him back for all he taught me on the water.

Jim on Lake Wallula (Columbia River-Tri-Cities) 3/4

Fished on Tuesday March 4 on Lake Wallula both North and South of the mouth of Snake River.  Was a full day of high winds.  Two of us in my boat managed one bite all day long on a bottom bouncer w/ worm harness on a 38' mid-lake hump.  As the sunset had about 400 Canadian geese set in on us all around our boat…they knew where they wanted to be, and it didn't matter that we were on their spot.

2-25 TX Cats

Went to Lake Calaveras this morning with guide Shawn, at,  near San Antonio for some Texas Channel cats.
> Spent 4 hours on lake had great time and caught a few fish.
> Kind of cool today only 68°.
> Brought home 4 gallons of filets.
> Went with Eve's brother Richard.
> He's not a fisherman but might have caught the fishing bug. (He caught the biggest one).
> So, not Walleye, but lots of good eating nevertheless.       Lyle Phipps