Allan: Banks Lake - 7/20-22

We did okay at Banks Lake. We got 16 walleyes on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Tom and a couple of his buddies from the Tri Cities fished with me. It was windy from 7 am til 9 am both days then it laid down.

Greg and Lindsay: Roosevelt - 7/21

Our family rented a cabin for the weekend near Lake Roosevelt. We spent most of our time playing board games, hiking, biking, swimming, and tubing behind the boat. Lindsay and I did sneak away on Saturday for an hour of fishing. Within 10 minutes, she had two walleyes in the live well. After an hour, she had 4 walleyes and I got 1. That was plenty for fish tacos that evening, so we picked up her mom and brother and boated the rest of the day. At the dock, we ran into Scott M and a couple other club members. They were cleaning a mess of fish after a successful morning.

Lindsay 21 July.jpg

Greg and Gordon: Roosevelt - 6/28

My father-in-law and I took advantage of the beautiful cool weather and fished Roosevelt on Thursday. Fishing was slow, but steady. Most spots we tried held a few fish, but we had to work to get them. We fished from 11 am to 630 pm. We kept 17 walleyes, a couple bass, two rainbows, and a northern pike. Walleyes ranged from 13 inches to 19 inches. We were pleasantly surprised that several were in the 17-18 inch range.

Travis: Roosevelt - 6/24

I had a good day on Sunday.  I took out a newbie who hasn't fished in 20 years and we both pulled plenty of fish.  In total we pulled 19 walleye and 2 bass.  We also lost 3 during the fight of which one felt like it might have gone a couple of pounds. Every boat had a few fish, but nobody that we talked to on Sunday had over 5 of them.

The rumors are true.......  The average size of the fish in the Arm seem to be an inch or two better than the average size in previous years.  Also, the "will to live" seemed stronger in these fish than in previous years.  There were a couple where I thought they were smallys before I saw them.  They are also slightly chunkier than in previous years.    

The reservoir is at full pool and the water is very clear now and if we had any wind, we would probably have limited.  As it is, it was still a great day with steady action throughout.  When your fishin' cranks, you can cover a lot of water and find the active ones. 


Ken: Roosevelt - 6/20

Ken took a buddy from church to Ft Spokane. He claimed that the fishing was "slow", but managed clean 18 walleyes and a 19 inch trout. The lake continues to rise, so spots that were productive a week or two ago may not hold fish any longer.

Allan and Sam: Roosevelt - 6/8

Target Species:                Walleye

Lake or River Fished:    Roosevelt
Date(s) Fished:             June 8, 2018 Friday
Weather Conditions:     partly cloudy and nice some sun
Wind:                             0 to 15 mph
Ambient Temp:             70 ‘s
Water Temp.:                68
Water Clarity:               2-3 feet
Moon Phase:                 19.1%  Waning Crescent 4 days prior to new moon

Catch Record: 44 walleye between 12 & 18 inches jigs and blades most effective

Fished with Sam G

Tom, Dianne, and Doug: Roosevelt - 6/7

Doug N. my wife and myself went to Lake Roosevelt on Thursday June 7. Gentleman's hours of course. Left the Ft. Spokane launch about 11:30. Beautiful day, light breeze. Left about 3:30 we cleaned 9 fish 15 to 18 inches. Doug cleaned 5 or 6 same size. Talked a guy at cleaning station, he had limited the last 2 days.

Greg and Brad: Roosevelt - 5/29

Brad and I had a 60+ fish day on Roosevelt. Most of the walleyes that we caught were 15 to 16 inches long, but we did get several 17s, an 18, and a fat 19 incher. The weather was beautiful with a high in the low 70s and light winds. Lake elevation was 1262 feet, and the water temp was 61 degrees.

 These fish went directly from Brad's hook to the grill. Can you call this a shore lunch when we grilled and ate it on the boat?

These fish went directly from Brad's hook to the grill. Can you call this a shore lunch when we grilled and ate it on the boat?

Allan, Keith and Gustav: Rufus Woods - 5/25

Target Species:                  Walleye

Lake or River Fished:         Rufus Woods  
Date(s) Fished:                  May 25, 208

Weather Conditions:        clear and sunny a few high clouds
Wind:                                light
Ambient Temp:                 70’s
Water Temp.:                    low 60’s 63 mainly
Water Clarity:                   3-4 feet
Moon Phase:                     approaching full
Catch Record:

Fished with Keith and Gustav.

Gustav 26.5” x 6# 10 oz. female eye

Total of

10 walleye 14 to 26.5

1 rainbow

1 sucker

 Gustav is from Sweden. This is his first walleye...6lb 10oz!!!

Gustav is from Sweden. This is his first walleye...6lb 10oz!!!

Allan W, Keith and Gustav: Banks Lake - 5/24

Target Species:                  Walleye

Lake or River Fished:         Banks Lake
Date(s) Fished:                  May 24, 208

Weather Conditions:        Clear and sunny no clouds
Wind:                                light
Ambient Temp:                 80
Water Temp.:                    punch bowl 73 can line 53 main lake mid 60’s
Water Clarity:                   4 – 6 feet
Moon Phase:                    approaching full
Catch Record:

Fished with Keith (nephew) and Gustav (Keith's friend).

Keith caught one 20 inch walleye in the punch bowl on a crank bait.

Vince W: Moses Lake - 5/1

Vince and his buddy met at Moses Lake around daybreak. They had a limit of mainly 14 inch walleyes by noon. Most of the fish were the same size, but there were a couple of 17 inchers to go along with the smaller fish. According to Vince, all boats were catching limits with many headed back to the launch within a few hours.

Allan and Greg: Rufus Woods - 4/27-30

Date: April 27-29

Target Species: Walleye

Moon Phase: Full Moon Sunday

We fished Fri, Sat, and Sun. Fishing was slow, but steady at Rufus during our 2 and a half days on the river. On Friday, with bright sunshine and temperatures in the 80s, we boated 7 walleyes and 3 rainbows. Rain and gusty east winds woke us up on Saturday, but the rain subsided by mid-morning. Skies remained cloudy all day with temps in the 50s most of the day. We caught 9 walleyes and 6 rainbows. Sunday was another bluebird day. We fished from 830am until noon, and got 3 walleyes, 5 rainbows, and a white fish. Greg got big fish of the trip with a 26 inch female weighing 6 lbs. 12 oz. (released). Allan’s largest fish was nearly as big at 25.5 inches and 6 lbs. 8 oz. (released). Most of the walleyes ranged between 17 and 21 inches. Water temperature was 45 degrees with very good clarity.

Late April is one of the prettiest times of the year on Rufus. The hillsides are green with patches of yellow from clusters of blooming balsoom root. We spotted dozens of mule deer grazing along the steep banks during our trip. Turkeys and pheasants called throughout the day. The baby geese have hatched, and we saw a few bald eagles perched in the trees along the shoreline. Our most curious sighting was a small rattle snake floating in the current on Friday afternoon. It was alive. We heard the buzz of the rattle when motoring up to take a look.

Greg 6lb 12oz Apr 27.jpg
Allan 6lb 8oz Apr 28.jpg

Greg and Tom: Rufus Woods - 4/19

Tom and I got to Rufus a little before 11 AM and fished until 630 PM. By noon, we had 3 walleyes in the boat. We moved several times before we found a couple more fish by mid afternoon. The late afternoon and evening was slow. Tom caught 3 trout and I picked up a walleye at the very end of the day. Our total was 7 walleyes -- 15", 16", 18", 20", 20", 21"(released), 22"(released) and 3 trout (released).  All walleyes were males.

The current was noticeably lighter during the afternoon, and the water level at the launch dropped 2-3 feet while we were fishing. The weather was perfect with less than 5 mph wind and bright sunshine for most of the day. Water temp was 42 degrees. Water clarity was several feet.

Allan, Mike and Travis: Roosevelt -3/17-18

Target Species:                  Walleye

Lake or River Fished:         Lake Roosevelt
Date(s) Fished:                  March 17 & 18
Weather Conditions:         Scattered clouds Nice days
Wind:                                 glass to 8 or 10
Ambient Temp:                  Highs low 50’s
Water Temp.:                     37 to 41
Water Clarity:                    several feet
Moon Phase:                     New 3-17

Catch Record: 

         About a dozen fish total

          Mike Cook 28” x 9#- 10 oz

          Allan 2 each 21 x 3# - 10 oz

Packer Blade Bait.jpeg

Patrick S: Snake River - 3/11

My report is easy for Sunday at the Snake. Skunked alongside many other boats that were out there. Beautiful day for a boat cruise, but that’s about it. I barely marked fish at the usual locations.