Travis S: Snake River - 8/5

This was my first time fishing the Snake and I am definitely going back!  It's beautiful down there, the fish fight hard and are nice and fat and there was almost nobody down there!  I saw maybe a total of ten boats all day.

Travis holds a pair of 3 pound walleyes. He caught 5 walleyes on his first trip to the Snake River.

Travis holds a pair of 3 pound walleyes. He caught 5 walleyes on his first trip to the Snake River.

Travis S and Greg K: Roosevelt - 8/3

Travis and I have tried to arrange a day on the water since early spring. I have been looking forward to fishing out of Travis's new Tracker boat. It took til August to finally get it done. We met at 515 AM (ouch) and headed to Ft Spokane. We fished until 1130 AM. The bite was really slow. We only managed 9 small walleyes, 5 smallmouth, and a 17 inch trout. The water level is still high, but appears to be down a foot or two since it's peak in mid July.

Allan W and Greg K: Snake River - 7/28-30

We arrived at the Snake River on Friday around 330 PM and were on the water by 4 PM. It took a couple hours to find fish on Friday evening, but we ended with a strong evening bite at sunset putting 10 walleyes in the boat in the last hour and a half.  Fishing was steady the whole weekend. We averaged about 12 walleyes per day and lots of little smallmouth bass. Most walleyes were in the 16 to 18 inch range, but we did get several around 20 inches. No monsters this trip. The biggest walleye was 4.25 pounds and about 22 inches.

Travis S: Roosevelt - 7/28

Travis launched out of Ft Spokane and fished spots between the launch and Porcupine Bay. He caught 14 keeper walleyes and a couple bass. Supposedly, he put 11 in the live well within the first hour then left his hot spot to look for bigger walleyes.

Travis S: Roosevelt - 7/23

I came within feet of hitting a cow elk on my way back from Ft. Spokane on Sunday night about a 2 miles south of the Porcupine turn off on Sunday night.  Pulled 12 walleye and two Smallies. Some of my favorite spots were too hard to fish due to wind, so I pulled em' in off places.  Best walleye was 18 inches with most ranging around 15 inches.

Allan W: Snake River - 7/15-16

Allan spent the weekend. He battled breezy southwest winds the whole time.

On Saturday, he got 5 walleyes in the morning. Biggest was 17 inches. He complained about the heat, wind, and debris in the water.

On Sunday, Allan got a 4.5 pounder and as well as a 5 pounder. He only landed 2 walleyes in the morning. His day was cut short...too windy.

Travis S: Roosevelt - 7/15

Was fishing with a friend.... We caught 4 bass, 17 keeper walleye and one really nice trout..... Weeds are starting to come in.....  We focused and did best in 15-16 feet of water..... The fish were a bit larger than the normal mix of dinks..... One fish might have been 17, but most were about 15-16 inches.....great eaters.....  We fished from 5:30 AM to to 10:30.......

Ken L and Greg K: Snake River - 7/12

Ken has wanted to go to the Snake River for a couple of years. We finally made the day trip on Wednesday. Fishing was pretty good. We caught 13 walleyes ranging from 15 inches to 22.5 inches. Most of the walleyes were between 16 and 17 inches, but we did catch a 19, 20, 21, and 22.5. All of the walleyes were thick and pulled hard. We also caught and released about 10 perch and several smallmouth bass. The water temperature was 69 degrees. There was a good deal of current with 3 gates at Little Goose dam open and flowing. Air temperature reached the low 90s in the afternoon. A 10 to 15 mph wind helped us from getting too hot, but did make boat control a challenge at times.

Club Fish Day: Hunters on Roosevelt - 7/8

We had 4 club boats at Hunters on Saturday. Sam and Janett, Bruce and Greg, Travis, and Larry Q. None of us had fished the area this year, so it took a while to find a decent bite. We fished 3 or 4 spots in the morning before settling on a productive shoreline in the afternoon. Travis had the hot hand catching 13 keepers. Bruce and Greg put 9 walleyes and 2 trout into the boat. Sam and Janett caught a handful of small fish. We lost track of Larry around lunch time, but he had at least one walleye in the boat.

Mark and Linda: Roosevelt - 6/20-23

Walleye fishing report from Gifford on Lake Roosevelt

Went to Gifford Campground after our club outing in Kettle Falls for a few days of extra fishing. Friday June 23rd, Linda caught this 19 1/2 inch Walleye.  Mark cleaned about a dozen keepers threw several under 12" back to grow bigger.  Fished all day but only caught fish in the morning and evening hours.

Linda's 19.5 inch walleye.

Linda's 19.5 inch walleye.

Greg, Gus and kids: Roosevelt - 7/3

We had friends from Kansas City visiting over the 4th. Gus and his teenage boys joined me and my 2 kids for a day on Lake Roosevelt. You couldn't have asked for a better day on the lake! It was in the low 90s with light winds. Everyone enjoyed swimming, tubing and fishing. The kids ended up catching 17 walleyes and 1 rainbow while the dads kept lines untangled and baited. Most of the walleyes were 13 to 15 inches (several released), but the the KC boys ended up getting a couple in the 16 to 18 inch range. We ended the day with shore lunch on the beach. Our KC friends polished off the rest of the walleyes at lunch the next tacos!

Paul L and Ron S: Roosevelt - 6/30

Paul's text message:  Here it is...short and sweet. Paul L and Ron S spent seven hour at the "Gifford bake oven" for 12 keepers and several throw backs. It was an endurance outing as much as fishing.

Travis S: Roosevelt - 6/29

Travis fished the evening bite on Roosevelt Thursday. He caught a mixed bag of walleyes and smallmouth bass. He estimated 15 to 20 walleyes and several smallmouth. Most of the walleyes were in the 12 to 16 inch range, but he did catch and release a 27 incher.

Travis caught and released this 27 inch walleye on Lake Roosevelt.

Travis caught and released this 27 inch walleye on Lake Roosevelt.

Ken L: Roosevelt - 6/27

Went to Gifford with a friend on the 27th. Got on the water about 9 AM and headed for Barnaby Island. Got ready and my Minn Kota remote needed a new battery and my depth finder was acting up. Not good. Went to Chalk Point after some repairs, then the A Frame, and south to various points on the map. Never really found fish consistently. Got off the water at 2 PM since it was 94 degrees. We caught 9 walleyes. The largest was 22 inches.

Greg and Larry: Roosevelt - 6/23

The weather was perfect for a day on Lake Roosevelt. New member Larry and I got on the water around 930 AM and fished until 5 PM. It had been almost a month since fishing on Roosevelt. Wow! What a difference. The lake is up 30 feet and near summer pool. Fishing was steady for small fish. We caught 18 walleyes (12 to 16 inch range) and a 17 inch rainbow trout.

For most of the day, it was just the two of us on the boat. However, an unwelcome guest climbed aboard for a short time. We noticed a snake crossing the channel while trolling, so we reeled up our lines to go take a closer look. Sure enough, it was a two foot rattlesnake.  As we turned around to resume fishing, the darn thing followed the boat. I kicked up the speed of the trolling motor, but it wasn't soon enough. The snake had reached the outboard. I thought that there was no way a snake could crawl up the back of my boat, but I was WRONG! A couple minutes later, it was in my splash well. When I exclaimed, "the snake is in the boat", Larry jumped onto the front deck and yelled "where?". We managed to poke the snake with fishing rods and pull him out of the steering cables. The snake was back in the lake! The snake climbed back up the motor two more times! It finally took getting the boat on plane, and dragging the snake for 30 yards before it finally let go.

Jim K: Banks Lake - 5/27-30

Fished Banks Lake last half of Memorial day weekend and Tuesday AM.  Based on my own time on the water, and from everyone I talked to including the campground host of Steamboat Rock State Park walleye fishing remains very slow.  I only talked to (or even heard of) anyone that had caught any walleyes.  One other fisherman had only caught two walleyes in three days.

For walleye on morning #1 I started off pitching jigs and casting a variety of crank baits over the scattered weed beds in devil’s punchbowl, fishing everywhere from the edges of the weeds up to where they were about 8’ below the surface.  I continued with similar pattern over and in the weeds of Kruk’s bay.  With the jigs over the weeds I just was ticking the tops of the weeds and also pitched 1/8 oz jigs with plastic letting it fall between the weeds, basically working it through the cover.  Again, I worked various depths from weed tops 6’ below the surface to the edge of the weeds.  Ran to Barker’s Flats… same poor results.

On morning #2 there was a bit of a breeze out of the North so I headed to a North facing shoreline just up from rose bush.  I casted variety of cranks from 15’ to 1’.  I also bottom bounced with spinners & crawlers out to 30’.  I scouted with my electronics out to 35-40’.  All signs of walleye were absent on electronics all weekend.

Thought out the lake I often ran across schools of whitefish as verified with my video camera. Next time, especially during a slow walleye bite I may drop a small jigging rap down to them and see if I can hook up.

The remainder of my fishing time was spent scouting for “kids fishing”, or fishing with my family.  I had extremely good luck for small mouth bass using Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps in far backs of numerous tiny coves where water level was only a few feet deep.  Most times one could not keep the small ones off, but I managed to catch a 17”, 15” and a 14” SMB while targeting the smaller bass.

Hi-light of the trip was the 13” SMB caught by my son Seth.  It was his first fish to do it all alone… casting, retrieve, setting the hook, reeling it in!

Greg K: Rock Lake - 5/27

My six year old daughter has been asking to go fishing this spring. I finally had a weekend off with some nice weather, so my Father-In-Law and I put her in the truck and we headed to Rock Lake. We fished from 430 pm to 7 pm. We caught 7 trout. It was a mixed bag of rainbows, steelhead, and a brown trout.

We started trolling 3 rods (two with crankbaits and one with a spinner and crawler). I hadn't even put the spinner and crawler rod in the rod holder before I hooked up with the first steelhead. Within 30 minutes, we were all fishing with spinners and crawlers. We used 1 or 2 ounce snap weights to get the baits down about 15 to 20 feet. Troll speed was 1.5 to 1.8 mph. Lindsay reeled in all of the fish. Most of them were on her little purple Zebco rod. A silver spinner was the hot color. She exclaimed, "Daddy these fish are really tough! They fight hard when they see the boat, but I'm not going to give up."

Greg K: Roosevelt - 5/26

My Father-In-Law (from Illinois) and I made a day trip to Fort Spokane. The launch is open!  The lake level was around 1249 when we launched, and rising about 2 feet per day. There was a lot of debris in the Spokane Arm, but I have seen it worse. The water was surprisingly clear except for a layer of scum on the surface from all of the pine pollen. The bite was on!!! We caught at least 30 walleyes and a couple bass. Most of the fish we found were too small to keep (11 to 13 inches), but we did get our share of 14 to 17 inchers.