Bill F: Porcupine Bay - 6/9-11

Porcupine Bay: 6/09-6/11

Other than the rising water level a word of caution…. Debris throughout the system with emphasis on the entry to the river and upstream…  scattered material downstream (difficult to see in the chop).

6/09 – Nothing but a bunch of little ones...kept a couple of 14”ers….

6/10 – Kept 14 fish, from 12 to 18 inches.  Exited the water at noon as the wind picked up and the white caps blew in from the north.

6/11 – 16 fish ranging from 12 - 21 inch… (7am to 11:30 am).  The largest two came in 10 fow.  Wind picked up again around noon….

Camping at Porcupine is becoming less enjoyable… some of the campers are not what you’d like to be associated with or be around.  The Park Rangers (police) cuffed a couple of them that were out of line….  Hope the water level rises fast so Hunters, Gifford & Evans become available (RE: mooring the boat).