Jim K: Banks Lake - 6/16

I got on the water for a few hours early on Monday morning on Banks.  Started raining soon after I started fishing, and a wind picked up out of the NW.  With these conditions I quickly headed to a wind blown point on the main lake. My first cast resulted in a very huge boil just before I got my lure to the surface, but couldn’t see the fish… it was big though. On the next cast I caught the 21” fish (3 lbs).  I cast for another half hour with only one bite.  By now it was raining very hard.  At the end of a drift & wanting to motor up to do another  drift I went to put my rod into my rod holder.  When It came in contact with my rod holder I got a shock that caused me to drop the rod.  I picked the rod up and same thing happened the second time.  There was no lightning in the area at all.  Either way I decided to motor away from the area.  I went a few miles until the rain subsided & I was next to shore / cliff & just waited for a while.  I then returned to my weed bed.  Rain was very light here by now.  After another wait, I returned when the rain almost stopped, and winds had subsided a bit again.  It was now a bit lighter out, so with that and after having gone a bit without a bite, I switched baits.  I made one cast, ticked the grass several times, and had two small strikes. (dinks?). My second cast was hit by the 25”, 5 lb. fish.  I also caught two 12” walleye that I released.  Not bad for about 2.5 hours on the water, and only 1.5 hours fishing.  It was now 8AM & needed to return to the family at the camper to start our day’s planned activities.  Wish I could have stayed.  I bet I could have pulled a few more out of there if I had the time.