Greg: Long Lake - 6/5

I hit Long Lake (Lake Spokane) after work on Thursday. Hit the water at about 5 PM and fished until 9 PM. I landed 15 smallmouth bass. Five of them were in the 2 to 2.5lb range. The evening was absolutely perfect for flipping jigs into the timber and rocks along the bank. There was no wind and the water was flat. I make an effort to fish Long Lake this time of year when the wild irises are blooming along the shoreline. It's worth the trip...even if the fish don't bite.

I was kinda missing my old bass boat and 20 year old cable drive trolling motor. The old rig was certainly easier to control while flipping into the timber. The old boat didn't have the big glass windshield on it either. I am scared to death that I will break the glass on my new rig with that bullet weight. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trading my walleye rig for another bass boat since I bass fish only once or twice a year. That is a bit of a shame. Long Lake is a wonderful bass fishery and so close.