Mark and Linda: Clearwater River - 10/15-16

Mark & Linda at Clarkston / Lewiston October 15-16, 2015

We caught five steelhead keepers (+ some wild) ranging from one 26" / 6 lbs., one 27.5" / 7 lb., two at 30.5 & 31" / 9.4 & 9.6 lbs., and Linda's whopper at 37" / 17.43 lbs.

We fished the Clearwater above the confluence.  Best fishing was above the Hwy. 12 Memorial Bridge when they opened that on Oct. 15th.  Bobber fishing with shrimp during the day was not productive.  The best fishing for us was at night pulling large lighted "Brad's" plugs.  Green worked best for us; we had no hits on the other colors.

Jim K. & Tim B. were also there on the night of the 15th and did very well.  I believe they were using the smaller lighted plugs.