Travis: Roosevelt - 5/3

Fished Roosevelt this weekend with a friend of mine.  The fishing was really slow and scattered.  No one was really doing well during the day.  We managed to pick up 6 dinks one day along with this big hen. (attached)  I think she had just spawned out, as she was long and lean and fought like a drunk couch potato.  I didn't have a scale, but I would estimate her between 7-8 lbs. or so.  What do you think?

She was released.......

Damn, the bite was some of the lightest I've ever encountered.  We had to resort to jigging and you could only tell that you were getting hit, if there was the slightest weight on the other end.  Even with the biggun' I didn't know she had it, until I pulled up and there was resistance.  The water level on Roosevelt still remains really really low.