Greg and Dave Law: Potholes - 8/27

Dave Law called me on Tuesday needing material for one of his last "Fishing Reports" of the season. Somehow, he and I both had Thursday available to go fishing. We decided on Potholes since he had never been there, and we had a decent shot of catching a variety of fish...and possibly a big one. I also knew that Jim K was camping at Potholes and could give us some intel before we arrived on Thursday. 

This segment of "Dave Laws Fishing Report" is scheduled to air on KHQ Q6 on Friday, September 4th during the 6 pm news. It may also air on SWX periodically through the weekend of September 5-6. It should also be available on line by the second week of September.

Fishing was steady, but not red hot on Potholes. We caught 12 walleyes that were remarkably similar in size (about 16 inches). We also caught 2 big perch, a 16 inch smallmouth, a 19 inch largemouth, and about a dozen brown bullhead catfish. The walleyes came in bunches with several doubles. 

Our most frenzied moment of the day occurred while Dave was filming me reeling in the largemouth bass. While I was smiling for the camera, I noticed another rod doubled over. I told Dave to catch that fish!!! After several hard dodging runs, Dave got it close to the boat. I thought it was going to be a big carp. Much to my surprise, it was a 24 inch walleye that weighed nearly 5 pounds. We got some decent footage of Dave catching the big fish, but much of the ordeal will end up on the cutting room floor since we had to free the camera strapped to Dave's neck while he played the fish. Dave wanted a grand shot of him releasing the fish. He took great pains to choreograph the release with his underwater camera. We rehearsed a couple of times. Then, he gave me the camera for the underwater shot. The lighting and the angle were perfect. The fish kicked away with a mighty splash upon release. After all the hand shakes and fist bumps, he looked at the camera to discover, that he never turned it on.