Allan: Devil's Lake ND - 2/24-27

This fishing report is for Devils Lake North Dakota.

Dates Friday February 24 thru Monday February 27.

The first two days Kendal, Craig and I got skunked although we worked hard moving to different ice house and trying just about every lure and bait combination we could think of.

Sunday was Kendal day as he put on a clinic while Craig and I watched. K put 6 perch in the bucket and an eater walleye.  The real success of the day was also K’s as he spoke with Tom the scout/guide for Woodland Resort and got tips and techniques to put fish in the bucket.

Monday was fish on. About 30 perch and a few eater walleye for the three of us.

The key was to use a blade bait or noise/vibration creating lure to "wake the perch up" and get them moving. Then with a tungsten jig gold and two or three wax worms with the rod in hand, dead stickish set the hook on any touch or movement.  A vexilar or Marcum was key to knowing they were in the area.