Allan and Lyle: Moses Lake - 4/29

Target Species:                  Walleye

Lake or River Fished:         Moses Lake
Date(s) Fished:                  April 29, 2017 Saturday with Lyle
Weather Conditions:           sunny to high over cast
Wind:                               7 -10 mph
Ambient Temp:                  upper 50 to low 60
Water Temp.:                    54
Water Clarity:                   2 feet
Moon Phase:                      new moon

Location Fished:                Connelley ramp up to rocky ford

Lure Type:                         spinners & cranks

Bait Used:                         crawlers

Method:                            trolling          

Depth:                               4 to 25 FOW

Catch Record:

Lyle              15 inch walleye and  13 inch perch

Allan             23 inch Walleye and12 inch perch

All fish were caught on spinners and bottom walkers.

Nothing on cranks.

Fishing was slow the walleye were spawning.