Tom F: Banks Lake - 4/30 to 5/4

Met Bill J from Kettle Falls at Banks lake. He got there Sat and I got there on sunday.  Weather was poor with wind. White caps on Monday stayed on the beach. Mainly because fishing was terrible. Bill said  that  he  talked to three different boats who had been  there since Friday They are there every year at the same time we are and generally stay for one or two weeks... They all left early, not one fish for all three boats  A couple of Kettle Falls club guys came in Wednesday to fish with us. End result, three boats fished north of Steamboat Rock using spinners, jigs, dropshot and crank baits. 1 Walleye on a shallow running crank bait all day... Thursday the Kettle Falls guys went down to Rufus, Bill went home and I fished about four hours in Devils Lake and a couple of other bays that the wind had been blowing into and finally picked one up on a jig in about 18 feet of water. Funny thing was all the time we were out all of us marked tons fish on the graph in water from 18 to 40 feet. Finally I pulled into Coulee Playland and ask Lew where all the fish were? The answer..Bolivar