Greg and Tom: Rufus Woods - 4/19

Tom and I got to Rufus a little before 11 AM and fished until 630 PM. By noon, we had 3 walleyes in the boat. We moved several times before we found a couple more fish by mid afternoon. The late afternoon and evening was slow. Tom caught 3 trout and I picked up a walleye at the very end of the day. Our total was 7 walleyes -- 15", 16", 18", 20", 20", 21"(released), 22"(released) and 3 trout (released).  All walleyes were males.

The current was noticeably lighter during the afternoon, and the water level at the launch dropped 2-3 feet while we were fishing. The weather was perfect with less than 5 mph wind and bright sunshine for most of the day. Water temp was 42 degrees. Water clarity was several feet.