Jim K: Roosevelt - 5/27

I took my kids for a very short camping trip to Ft. Spokane.  Despite being Memorial Day weekend, I arrived at the campground at about 5:30PM on Sundays and found several sites open.  I fished with the kids on Monday AM from about 9:30-11:30 and avoided walleye, preferring to target smallmouth for my kids interest levels.  We caught about 10, all were between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds off of rock piles.

We began targeting with jerk baits fished on a normal pause retrieve and picked up our first few fish.  Eight year old son Seth kept mentioning he wanted to use worms, so I taught him how to wacky work with a Yum Dinger brand stick bait.  He began to regularly catch SMB by himself, & was far outpacing my catching with my shadow rap deep lure I was using.  Even though Seth was using a circle hook, we kept one that was very deeply gut hooked and grilled him for shore lunch & used his remains for crawfish bait.  Found a green crawdad with orange hi lights inside this fish… our Yum Dinger was green pumpkin with chartreuse tail.  Fish seemed to be coming off of about 8’ of water surrounding the rock piles.  Was a fun couple of hours for the kids before we headed to a beach for rest of afternoon.