Allan: Ice Fishing Eloika Lake - 1/14

Here is the first fishing report of 2017. Hope there will be many more.

Saturday January 14 I fished Eloika north of Spokane. 14 inches of ice. Sunny day and 5 deg when I left the truck. During the day it got so warm I had to take off the hat, gloves and open my coat. Put 9 perch on the ice. I threw 3 back as they were really small. I have not caught a sun fish since I was 12 many many years ago. I also caught more largemouth bass than ever in my entire life...4 total all released. Others around were having good success.

Used several different baits, maggots worked best, perch eye nothing, Gulp maggot nothing night crawler nothing.

Beautiful little lake I will be back.

Greg and Bob: Snake River - 11/7

Fishing was slow for us on the Snake River. We launched at 830 am and didn't even catch a bass until 1 pm. We ended the day catching 3 walleyes, 3 smallmouth, and a big perch. The walleyes were 13 inches, 13 inches and 28 inches. The water temperature was 54 degrees which is a 4 degree drop from the last time I fished the Snake River 3 weeks ago.

Greg's 28 inch walleye weighed 9 pounds. Fish released.

Lyle and Greg: Rock Lake - 10/28

Launching my 17.5 foot boat was more challenging than usual at Rock Lake. Usually, I only go to Rock Lake during the spring when the lake is high, but thought October's record rains would have brought the lake up to a good level. I was wrong. The lake was about 2 feet below full pool. Good thing we brought boots and waders, because we needed them.

Despite wrestling to get the boat off and on the trailer, the weather and fishing was outstanding. We caught our limit of fat rainbows easily and a few steelhead. The rainbows were 14-15 inches and the steelhead 16-18 inches. The water temperature was 56 degrees and the visibility 3 to 5 feet.

Greg K: Snake River - 10/21

I fished in an all-day rain on Friday. Fortunately, it was't too cold as I stayed under the bimini top most of the day. The fish were biting. I put 9 walleyes, 15 smallmouth, and a pike minnow in the boat. Walleyes ranged from 15 inches to 24 inches with most in the 16 to 18 inch range. The water was 59 degrees and stained with 2-3 ft visibility. I planned to keep a few walleyes, but didn't feel like cleaning them in the chilly rain. Near the end of the day, I opened the live well and released them one by one. All swam away to grow bigger.

Greg K: Roosevelt 10/6

My Father-In-Law and I went to Lake Roosevelt for the afternoon on Thursday. It was a cloudy and cool day with a few light rain showers. I hadn't been on Roosevelt since the club's Fall Camp Out in mid September. Fishing was really slow back in September, so I wasn't expecting much. We were pleasantly surprised. Between noon and 5 pm, we caught a dozen small walleyes (11-14 inches), 3 rainbows (16-20 inches), and a couple little bass. The lake level was up to 1284 feet...about 5 or 6 feet higher than mid September.

Greg K: Snake River - 9/27

I drove down to the Snake River on Monday night and set up camp. I had plans to fish Tuesday and Wednesday morning. The fishing was so slow, I decided to pack up and go home Tuesday evening. On Tuesday, I caught 3 walleyes (16 in, 19 in, 21 in), a dozen small bass, a bluegill, and 2 pike minnow. I talked with a few others at the campground, and most of them only had a walleye or two for their efforts.

Fall Camp Out: Ft Spokane - 9/15-19

The weather Thursday and Friday was good for being on the lake with sunshine, temperatures in the 70s, and wind generally less than 10 mph. Fishing was slow as we have come to expect this time of year on Lake Roosevelt. Walleyes were generally small with most in the 11 to 17 inch range. The weather took a turn for the worse on Saturday with a chilly rain and breezy west winds. Club members got back on the water Sunday and Monday as sunshine returned.

Jim K: Roosevelt - 9/11

I camped for a quick overnight trip to Ft. Spokane Campground Saturday night.  Only fished for about two hours on Sunday AM (Sept 11).  Neighbor in campground had caught limits of walleye for last three days.  Only caught two walleye (both 17”), but had many more bites.  I did spend much of my time helping out a first time fisherman in my boat.  With stable weather pattern I predict good fishing for the campout this weekend!

Greg K: Snake River - 9/7-8

I decided to head to the Snake River despite the forecast for 15 to 25 mph wind Wed and Thu. The river was rough both days, but the fishing was worth it. On Wed, I fished from noon and until dark, and caught 9 walleyes from 15 to 25.5 inches and lots of little bass. I kept a few walleyes, but released the fish over 20 inches. On Thursday, I fished from 7 am until 3 pm and caught another 9 walleyes from 12 to 22 inches (all released) and lots of little bass. I lost the biggest walleye of the day while fighting 2 foot waves and attempting to net the fish by myself. It looked to be in the 6 to 8 pound range. I was going to release the fish anyway, but would have liked to get a picture of it.

25.5 inches and nearly 6 pounds.

23 inches

Ken and Sharon L: Roosevelt - 9/5

Talked with Ken on the phone on the 9th. He went back to Porcupine Bay a few days ago, and experienced better fishing than the previous week. He and Sharon caught 20 to 25 walleyes. They found some better sized the 15 to 17 inch range. It sounds like they got 12 or 15 keepers along with the dinks that are easy to find this time of year.

Ken and Sharon L: Roosevelt - 9/1

Talked to Ken on the phone today. He and Sharon caught 15 walleyes today, but they were small. They cleaned 4 fish and released the rest. Ken said that the fishing was decent 4 to 6 weeks ago for walleyes in the 14 to 17 inch range, but only small fish remain in the Arm now. He said the fishing wasn't worth the gas to drive there. The water level was 1277 feet which is down 10 feet since the beginning of August.

Larry B: Roosevelt - 9/1

Talked to Larry on the phone today: He caught about a dozen small walleyes in the Spokane Arm before the wind blew him off the water. He called the walleyes "cigars". He kept 5 or 6 fish and released the rest because they were too small. Larry saw Ken and Sharon on the water. They were also catching small fish.

Eli S: Rufus Woods - 8/28

Eli and his friends Mike and Ryno drove to Chief Joseph Dam and fished lower portions of Rufus Woods. They had never been to the lower end of the reservoir before. They caught 5 walleyes which were all 20 inches or more. Eli got the biggest fish which measured 26.5 inches and weighed 5 pounds.

Eli's 5 pound walleye caught at Rufus Woods.

Allan: Lake Wenatchee - 8/12-20

Target Species:         Sockeye Salmon (Red)

Lake or River Fished:   Lake Wenatchee
Date(s) Fished:         August 12-20,2016
Weather Conditions:          clear as a bell
Wind:                   none to mid-teens
Ambient Temp:      55 early am 90’s afternoon
Water Temp.:       68 deg
Water Clarity:          12 feet
Moon Phase:             approching full moon
Location Fished:        west end off the point
Lure Type:              DD and OOO dodgers, 2 red hooks 1/0 or 2/o barbless, No 1 , 2 or 3 red, orange or pink beads

Method:            trolling 0.8 mph

Depth:             40 to 110 Feet in 100 to 180 Feet of Water

Catch Record:     Fish Landed vs Hook Ups

Saturday Kendall and Rhys         5 of 9 

Sunday Kendall and Rhys      3 of 8

Monday Scott Isa and David        4 of 6

Tuesday SID                  8 of 10

Wednedsay SID           8 of 11

Friday Miles                 11 of 16

Saturday alone          5 of 6

Total 44 of 56  (78% landed)

Alarms went off at 4:30 AM and on the water by a little after 5 AM. Lines in the water by 05:30. Fished till the sun drove us off the water 1100 to 1400.

The bite was on from 0500 to about 0930, then a lull till 1100 to 1200 then a lull and a mid afternoon bite around 1500. Caught 4 bull trout that were released. Of the 12 sockeye we lost, I think about 5 or 6 were equipment failures (broken knots, snap not closed or broken leaders).  The others were just fishin' happens…

Greg and Eli: Rufus Woods - 8/21

The forecast was for hot and windy, but we decided to make the trip to Rufus Woods anyway. Fishing was slow, and by 1 PM we were battling gusty west winds and swift current. Boat control in the afternoon and evening was difficult to say the least. We continued to grind away, and by 7 PM, we caught three 18 inch walleyes and 7 rainbows ranging from 17 to 20 inches.

Mark and Linda: Snake River - 8/16-21

We fished from August 16-21st.  Conditions were hot with some light winds, coming and going.  We did get blown off the water on the 21st.

As usual here, the Walleye were fewer but larger.  We caught a handful of nice eaters with fish up to 2.5 & a 3.0 lb. Linda caught this 5.6 lb. 

No shortage of dink smallmouth Bass.

Looking forward to the club trip there in October!

18 Ft Lund for sale

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Yvonne Gower

Eli S: Banks Lake - 7/23

Talked with Eli on the phone last night. He went to Banks Lake last weekend with his boss. They had good success catching walleyes in the 14 to 17 inch range...nothing big. They fished several flats and weed edges around the Steamboat Rock area. It was his first time on that part of the lake, so he didn't know the names of the spots they fished.

Jack W: Dwarshak and Snake R

Fished Dworshak last week for four days. Brought home 26 kokanee.

Most of them were firm of flesh and real pink as one might expect them to be. However, I did have two fish that felt 'mushy' when I cleaned them. Had a good time, but doubt I'll go back until the weather and water temps. cool down. I dropped a thermometer down 60 ft. and held it there for a couple minutes. It came back up reading 65 degrees! I was expecting maybe 50 to 55 degrees. Water surface registered 75 degrees. 

Folks I interviewed at the dock said fishing had slowed way down from what it had been 2-3 wks. ago. Two guys much older than myself that I spoke with said they had launched at 6:30 am and fished all day for a total of 25 between the two of them.(It was 7:00pm when we both were pulling boats out of the water that I spoke with them).

Meanwhile bass fishing has picked up and seems to be in full swing. Took my parish priest out last night on the Snake for the first time. He hasn't fished much in the past, but wants to learn. He hooked a 19-3/4 in. smallmouth, a 17 in. smally and several in the 8 to 12 inch range. In all we boated more than 20 fish in two hours, and tossed back at least half of them.

The Corps. has a pretty good flow going on the Snake. So the best techniques for chasing bass here locally is trolling crank baits, etc. Trying to vertical fish using jigs and wacky worm techniques is a real challenge, especially if you are the only one in the boat. I suspect the current is less of a factor at the lower end of our pools on the Snake, above the dams, but haven't had recent enough experience downstream to say for certain.