Allan W: Rufus Woods - 3/10-11

Target Species:                  Walleye

Lake or River Fished:         Rufus Woods
Date(s) Fished:                  March 10 & 11 Sun
Weather Conditions:         Bright Blue sky beautiful
Wind:                                 none to speak of
Ambient Temp:                 50’s
Water Temp.:                    36
Water Clarity:                   very clear
Moon Phase:                     new moon

Catch Record:

Saturday: 2 walleyes (15 & 17 inches)

Sunday:  5 walleyes (15,15, 17, 18 & 20 inches)

Glenn H: Roosevelt - 3/10

Found fish early in the morning, lost the bite after the first hour. Would run into active schools do really well for awhile then lose them.  Ended up catching fish from 50-65 feet in the current as well as the edges.  Long lake got muddy in the last couple of days, so don’t know when the mud will hit the arm. Found several 3-4” sculpins and a few perch the same size in the live well and stomachs.

Mike C: Long Lake - 3/10

Fishing sucked. The lake was blown out from hard rain on Thu. Less than 1 ft visibility. Five good sticks from one dam to the other netted 6 squawfish, 5 suckers, 2 smallies and a trout.  And a small net.

Mike C: Roosevelt - 3/3 & 6

sat 3/3, kf area, morn bite in 20-40'. large fish. 2-9lbs. no dinks. lots of misses as fish were hitting on the initial cast/drop. 
tues 3/6 kf again. found them in 8-16' off the main break. jigs & blades.

Joe M and Fred: Snake River - 11/12

Neighbor Fred and I...caught these girls. They were released. Just before we had to leave we got a nice 21 inch pan fryer, great day on the water (no wind, but cool)

Joe released this huge walleye.

Joe released this huge walleye.

Fred caught and released this big walleye.

Fred caught and released this big walleye.

Allan W and Patrick S: Snake River - 10/11-12

Allan and Patrick fished the Snake River over the weekend of Nov 11/12. From the sound of it, Patrick caught the big ones this trip. His big walleye was 31 inches long and weighed 10lb 6oz.

Patrick released this 31 inch walleye that weighed 10lb 6oz.

Patrick released this 31 inch walleye that weighed 10lb 6oz.

A big Snake River smallmouth!

A big Snake River smallmouth!

Joe M: Snake River - 10/31

Water 50 degrees. Caught 2 nice 20 inchers that are stove toppers and a 32 incher that was released. Fished tuesday and only saw  a couple other boats, will head back next week, weather permitting. Saw a BIG sturgeon breach about 100 ft from the boat, sounded like a fat guy doing a cannonball.  :-) 

Joe M's buddy with a 32 inch walleye. Fish released.

Joe M's buddy with a 32 inch walleye. Fish released.


Travis S: Snake River - 10/28

Fatty's on the Snake

My daughter and I decided to hit the Snake this last Saturday to see if we couldn't put a few more trophies in the net and eater fish in the livewell.  We left Spokane at 8:30 and arrived right about 11:00 AM.  When you travel with a teenage girl there are other considerations like bathroom breaks and Starbucks to consider.  Driving straight-through, be damned......

My daughter was feeling grateful that I made her bring her winter coat.  The water was absolute glass and fog covered the canyon, so it was relatively dark for 11:00 AM.  We rounded out the day with 9 fish.  Their average size was great!   Seven of them were caught trolling towards the dam and the other two were caught in that North side back eddy, so in reality all of them were caught moving against the current.  These fish were chunky!  We caught (2) 19's, (2) 18's, (2) 17's and three others that were between 14 and 16 inches.  We have a mess of fillets and couldn't be happier. 

I loaned the fella (who is probably going to join our club), the bait we were using. He later went on to catch an 11.7 lbs walleye on it along with a couple of other eater fish! He came back to find us and we took his picture, with his big fish, before he released it.  His name is Steve out of Lewiston, ID.  He was down at our club fish day, a couple of weeks ago.  He had a bit of interaction with our club and was very grateful for the knowledge we were willing to share.  He is looking into joining.  Good guy.....  We were off the water, by 4:30 PM and witness to another beautiful autumn sunset, which is particularly spectacular down there. 

I'm hoping to squeeze in one more trip, before my boat gets a nice winter rest, but we'll see....She's tired, it's huntin' season and I'm from Minnesota.......  Boats and November, don't compute.......

Travis and Hannah with 9 Snake River walleyes.

Travis and Hannah with 9 Snake River walleyes.

New member Steve with an 11.7 lb walleye. Congrats!!!

New member Steve with an 11.7 lb walleye. Congrats!!!

Larry B: Roosevelt - 10/10

We got an early start Tuesday and made it all the way to Gifford, 8 AMto 5 and landed 3 walleyes. 17" and 16". Just enough for two HUNGRY fishermen. Then Wednesday fished till 2:00in the wind and threw in the towel. Did not hook another fish. Saw about 6 boats total, which might have been a telling observation.

Club Fish Day: Snake River - 10/14

We had a good turn out for our Fish Day with the Tri Cities club. Spokane Walleye Club had 8 boats and Tri Cities had several boats as well. A few big fish were caught. A member of the Tri Cities club landed and released a 13 pounder. Greg caught and released a 10 pound walleye. Travis caught one nearly 8 pounds and another around 5 pounds. In general fishing was slow. A 10 to 15 mph wind developed between 10 am and 2 pm that made boat control tricky. The weather was ideal for those of us who stayed Sunday and Monday, but the fishing slowed as the weather got warmer. Allan caught a 5 pounder on Sunday and Greg got one just shy of 5 pounds on Sunday as well. Linda caught the biggest fish on Monday at 18 inches.

Greg K: Roosevelt - 10/4

I took the week off. I love fall fishing and my father-in-law from Illinois is in town all week. Since I drug him to the Snake River and back on Monday, we didn't feel like spending much time in the car. We went to Roosevelt. For a change of pace, we targeted rainbow trout. We caught 8 rainbows between 17 and 20 inches in 3 hours. With more than enough trout for the smoker, we targeted walleyes for a couple hours. Caught nothing but a few smallmouth. We talked to a couple others at the boat ramp, and only one other walleye was caught between 2 other boats.

Joe M: Snake River - 10/4

We went back down Wednesday and got skunked. Marked a lot of fish schooling up in 20 ft but no action. Talked to several guy who said it was slow for them. Good call to cancel fish day, it will be ugly. Hopefully next week they turn on. Last year mid Oct thru Nov was best for me.

Greg K: Snake River - 10/2

Fishing on the Snake River was very slow. My father-in-law and I made a day trip. We launched the boat around 930 AM and fished until 530 PM. We only caught 2 walleyes. I had a couple other hook ups that gave a head shake like a walleye, but didn't stay on. Even the bass bite was pretty slow. Typically, I catch dozens of smallmouth, but we boated less than 10 bass. The big walleye for the day was 27 inches long and weighed 7lbs 6oz (released). We kept a 15 inch walleye and a half dozen 12 inch bass for the frying pan. Water temp was 63 degrees.

Fish like this 7+ pounder (released) make a slow day on the river worth the trip.

Fish like this 7+ pounder (released) make a slow day on the river worth the trip.

Joe M: Snake River - 9/27

Texas rapids fishing was slow, only one fish for 5 hours of feeding nightcrawler to shaker bass. This fish was 31"x 17", she took a chartreuse smile crawler in 18 feet of water. I was marking some good fish but wasn't connecting. Water was 65 degrees, spillways where closed, I do better when they are spilling water . Fishing should be better by fish day, see you then.


Patrick and Greg: Pend Oreille River - 9/22

Patrick and I have heard rumors of nice walleyes in the Pend Oreille system. We thought we would give it a go. If nothing else, the PO river has some of the best bass fishing around. We fished from 11 AM to 630 PM. Caught a mixed bag of smallmouth and largemouth. No walleyes. No pike.


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Greg: Rufus Woods - 9/12

Since I didn't get to the Camp Out until noon on Sunday, I stayed through Tuesday. I went back to Rufus Woods to attempt to duplicate the success we had the previous evening. I caught 2 walleyes (22 and 20 inches) and 6 trout. I had to be home by 5 PM, so I was off the water by 2 PM. It would have been nice to stay longer to see if the evening bite would have materialized again.

Lyle, Stan and Greg: Rufus Woods - 9/11

Since Rufus Woods is so close to Coulee Playland, a group of us headed over to the Seatons Grove launch on Monday. There were 5 other boat trailers at the launch. It appeared that one or two of those boats were fishing for triploid rainbows. We struggled in the morning and for much of the afternoon. The current was swift leading to lots of snags and tangled gear. At 530 pm, we only had one trout in the live well, but the evening bite allowed us to end on a good note. We finished the day with 6 walleyes and 6 trout. The walleyes were 22, 21, 21, 19, 17 and 16 inches. The trout were fat with beautiful pink meat.

Fall Camp Out: Banks Lake - 9/7-11

The smoke cleared for our weekend at Coulee Playland. Thursday was still pretty grey, but the visibility got a little better on Friday and a whole lot better on Saturday. The winds on Saturday held off long enough for our annual fishing contest. Doug S took our cash pot while Sharon V took the trophy. In general fishing was slow over the weekend. Ken V and Stan J had the most productive day on Sunday catching 6 walleyes and a 12 inch perch between the two of them. The tackle shop at Coulee Playland confirmed our experience saying that fishing has been slow the last few weeks. The big weather change over the weekend probably didn't help matters, but it was nice to get rid of the smoke.

Ken V shows us his catch from Sunday at Banks Lake. 4 walleyes and a fat 12 inch perch.

Ken V shows us his catch from Sunday at Banks Lake. 4 walleyes and a fat 12 inch perch.