Club Fishing Day-Snake River 10/12

Members of the Spokane Walleye Club met up with members of the Tri Cities Club at Lyons Ferry on the Snake River. We all met for breakfast before hitting the water. Fishing was slow. Many of us started by pulling bottom bouncers with smile blades and crawlers. Very few walleyes were taken by this method, but smallmouth bass and perch were generally eager to bite.

Allan, Sam and Greg finally abandoned the bottom bouncers around 5PM and put on crankbaits. We trolled the shorelines around 2 miles per hour and got four nice walleyes by dark (630PM). The walleyes were fat!!! Fish ranged from 18 to 25 inches.

Members from Spokane Walleye Club and the Tri-Cities Club meet for breakfast at Lyons Ferry.

Greg is confused. Is this the Spokane Carp Club?

Sam with a 4.5 lb walleye caught on a crankbait. 

Greg got this 5.5lb fish on a crankbait at sunset.