Allan and Sam: Snake River 10/13

Sam and Allan hit the water about 9am and started trolling cranks again. With similar results to Saturday several bass (one nice 3 pounder). One walleye on a crank 4.87 lb. Then the dry spell 2.5 hours without a bite. Then we found a hump and started jigging. I got out a slip bobber rig and put on a green 1/4oz. jig head with a crawler rigged in the middle to look like a craw dad. The slip bobber knot failed to hold, so I just dragged it across the hump. My bobber began to move slowly to the right. So I reeled in my other line and set the hook. I thought I had a snag at first, and the fight was on. Sam kept telling me I had a carp or sucker. Thanks for the kind words! She came to the surface, and I thought the fight was over but she did not like the look of the boat or Sam with a net in his hand.  Down she went taking line, and the screaming drag with her. This happened two more times till she was played out and came to the net.  Thanks Sam for being my net boy. She was just hooked in the side of her mouth could easily have gotten off.  The fish was 27 inches and 7.95 pounds. She was releases to spawn again. Thanks for a great day on the Snake!

Sunny with temperatures in the mid 60’s.

North of Lyons Ferry, the Snake is more like a river. South of Lyons Ferry, the Snake is more like a lake.

Great weekend. Good food. Good friends and good FISHIN.

Allan's 7.95 pound walleye (released).

Allan's 4.78 pound walleye caught trolling a crankbait.