Allan's Report. Snake River 10/12

Saturday October 12. Greg Sam & Allan  Club Fishing Day

We pulled spinners on bottom walkers over several hot spots with not many results. We boated a few bass, suckers, squaw fish and Greg’s 10 pound carp (foul hooked on a blade bait). Then, about 5 pm we started pulling crank baits in 20 FOW trolling speed 2.2mph. In 90 minutes we caught several small mouth bass and

2.25 lb. walleye Greg

3.87 lb. walleye Sam

4.25 lb. walleye Sam

5.5 lb. walleye Greg

Total weight 16 pounds of walleye.

A side note Sam caught 2 yearling walleye 6 inches or so. That is a good sign that walleye are reproducing in that part of the Snake. Allan was driving the Lund