Columbia Chinook 10/20

Target Species:                       Chinook

Lake or River Fished:             Columbia River Priest Rapids dam to below White Bluffs
Date(s) Fished:                       10-18, 19 & 20 2013 Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Weather Conditions:               Sunny and Clear
Wind:                                      none to speak of
Ambient Temp:                       35 at dawn and 60 in afternoon
Water Temp.:                         56 to 63
Water Clarity:                         very clear could see 10 feet down
Moon Phase:                          full moon

Lure Type:                              Kwik Fish w/ sardines, Super Baits w/ tuna, Eggs
Method:                                  back trolling

Depth:                                     5 to 50 FOW

Catch Record:

Friday we were 4 for 6 (4 in the boat and 2 misses) up near the dam, Saturday we were 1 for 3 and Sunday 0 for 1.  As walleye guys trying to learn the salmon thing I thing we did ok.  all fish were caught pulling plugs. non on down riggers. the kings ran from 25 to 33 inches and up to 13.5 pounds. Show more and larger fish taken by more experienced folks than us.