Tom and Bob on Roosevelt 10-31

Weather looked pretty iffy when we left Spokane, But I had faith in the weather report since Greg prepared it I'm sure.

This was a twofold operation, as I just got my boat out of the hospital and only had verbal confirmation that is was running fine.

We finally hit the water at Ft Spokane about 11 A.M.  Headed North Up to Nayborly area. Picked up a large Smallmouth and 3 Walleye off the hump across from Nayborly . Two were 19 and one 17. Pitching/dragging 3/8 jigs, curly-tails with a piece of worm. I tried throwing a Blade but got one hit that I missed.

Moved over to Nayborly Flat About 2 P.M. Two large trout and a ling. Moved down to Outhouse flat and finished the day with two more really nice trout. Released all but the Walleye. Water temp was 56/59 most areas.

The Weather was PERFECT... Air temp about 60 absolutely no wind !!!! Thanks Greg.

The boat ran as it should, so I'm back in the fishing business.