I fished from Porcupine up past the narrows yesterday.  Kept four about 18, three with good color and one without much, all males.  Lost about as many. All pulled from about 60 FOW, at about 1.1 mph on a harness with white smile blade with copper colored floats (as shown).  Didn't really try much else for variation on the harness used. I did try drifting the narrows with a jig at varying depths and did no good.
Surface temp 45.6. Did not touch a fish in the porky bay / blue creek area, though half a dozen boats were pestering them there.  Crossed paths with Ken and Sharon L.  They kept two with a couple lost.  Great day, but fish were not on the bite, and what bite there was was light.  Spoke to a guy that fished all day and actually ran all the way up to the dam.  He was complaining that he caught no walleye, just trout and bass, but I didn't see his live well.