Lyle, Mark, and Linda at Kettle Falls 5/9

Report from Mark (a.k.a "Big Fish"):  Lyle, Linda and I fished at Kettle Falls yesterday.  While trying several spots we didn't have a nibble most of the day -- until late afternoon (about 1700), when Lyle decided that we should try the area just downstream from the Kettle Falls boat launch. :-)  They were biting for about an hour and a half.  Linda got her first Walleye and we each ended up with four keepers.  Linda broke this 3-way tie with a Burbot and is thinking about starting a Burbot subchapter of the club.

They were caught in the 20' to 30' depths with bottom bouncers on Mack's gold and green smiley blades and red and green beads.  Lyle used a green & white Indiana/Colorado spinner blade on one.  I don't think they were particular about the colors at all.  Also used Walleye scent on the crawlers.

Lyle's Version: We got to Kettle Falls around 8:30 a.m.  We tried the mouth of Colville with no luck. We tried Singer Bay. No luck. The water is way down! I tried the Rock cliffs over by the White House the chalk cliff just next to it went up the river to the White buoy that's way up on the bank. We fished the bank got one at probably 5:30 PM. Then we went back to  dock and decided to try the bank by locust grove below Lyons Island, Between 6:00 and 7:00 PM, we caught 12 more walleyes and a nice burbot.

Linda's first walleye!!! Great job Lyle and Mark for getting her on to this fish!