Sam at Banks 5/11

Instead of joining the rest of the club at Porcupine, Sam went rogue choosing to fish at Banks Lake over the weekend. He and a buddy fished for 4 hours from Northrup to Rose Bush (near mid-lake). They landed a few perch and smallmouth bass. No walleyes. I wonder if his buddy had any bananas on the boat. The banana curse lives on.

Ended up wandering around Banks off and on from the 8th to the 13th, but were not on the water at all on the 10-11th. We mainly trolled harnesses trying to find some active fish, but did try a few hours of jigs, both deep and shallow. The bass fishing was pretty good, but the walleye were safe.  Talked to several other anglers, and all were complaining about how slow it was.  Nothing much to report from here.  Should be turning around soon.