Tim, Dad and Kids Moses Lake 5/10-11

Fished north end of Moses Lake on Friday and SatFri my dad and I took the kids out at 4ish we caught two Eyes 20 plus a few in 16-18, two 14 inch crapie, and few monster perch. Fri the Slow Death hook and worm with a couple split shot and a swivel was the ticket. The big fish were taken on silver and glow bead walkers with clear and white 1.5" blades. Sat was on fire. Most of the 20"-22" were taken on the bottom walkers. Slow death produced the 16"-18". We took 28 Eyes on Sat. Bite stopped around 6pm both days. Big fish were taken early in the day. Water temp was 75 we were in 4-6ft of water. Water was stained green. Most boats did good, but we still put on quite a show. We missed a few and lost a bunch. Dad and I both lost Pigs. Both my kids caught lots of Eyes. The best part was my 4yrs girl catching Eyes all by herself with a Slow Death hook and the 24" Tinkerbell pole. Fear the Tinkerbell and get those kids out to the lake.

Tim and his son at Moses Lake on the weekend of May 11-12.

Tim's dad and Tim's son with a fat perch from Moses Lake.