Doug at Porcupine 5/23 Club Fish

Thursday, May 23rd, I joined the Fishing Day bunch going out of Porcupine Bay.  Got there late as how the roads don't open until nine o'clock on the West Plains.  Ventured up to buoy 5 where Evan Brooks and I had found a few last Monday.  Located a couple small ones just below buoy 5, so tried a flat upstream of the buoy in hopes of finding something with some "shoulders".  Caught one over 20, a couple of 18's for a total of 11 fish.  Two caught on a "slow death" rig, and the others on a smiley rig.  Great day, got to see Greg's, and the McFalls' new boats.  Pretty nice!

Doug Nathan
Catch a fish, you'll feel better for it.