Steve and Julie at Evans/Marcus

This report covers 6/14 thru 6/19,  Julie and I went to Snag cove for the week and it was good, The area seemed to hold good numbers of fish.

We fished around buoy 22, Evans, and Marcus Island. We put in anywhere from 6 to 11 hours on the water each day,

The total was 76 fish brought home and approx. 140 fish boated.  As usual, the majority of the fish were 14-17 inches long, but they did seem to be healthier this year.

We only caught four bigger fish 3-7 lbs. and that was significantly lower than last year. We pulled spinners all week, however there was a time when I ran out of worms and used a 2 inch motor oil curly tail grub, and they loved it.  I will try some spin jigging in the future. as for color it really made no difference if we used 2 blue beads vs. 3 or four green beads, or red, or silver, or gold.  Spinner shape and color really made the difference, since their primary food has been sturgeon smelt, I switched to a  2 inch willow leaf blade and they really started hammering things. Depths ran from big fish in 12 feet to male rockets in 56 ft. and overall it was a good time, not what it has been in the past during the same time frame but they should really turn on around the fourth.  You all have safe and bountiful trips, and we will be seein' ya on the water.