Greg, Chef David and Ashton at Porcupine Bay 6/30

Chef David and his 4 year old son (Ashton) fished with me on Lake Roosevelt. We got on the water a little after noon and fished until 8 PM. Fishing was slow, but we got 5 walleye and 1 big rainbow trout. We got one near Buoy 5, one walleye (and trout) in The Narrows, and 3 walleyes near the Cemetery. Fish near the Cemetery were in 20 to 25 feet of water near the edge of the weed line. We pulled spinners behind bottom bouncers. No real color preference. Green, copper and silver all got a few bites. Fishing was slow, but we got a few nice ones. A couple 17 inchers and David's 19 inch fish in the picture below. The trout was a little over 20 inches and fat!!!

Chef David caught his first walleye ever on this trip. Ashton got his first fish ever, too! 

Chef David shows this nice 19 inch walleye. Ashton named it Fishy Fins.