Greg and Peter Club Fish Day -- Keller Ferry (Roosevelt) 8/18

There were 3 boats at the club fishing day at Keller Ferry. None of us had fished this portion of Roosevelt prior to Sunday, so it was learning experience for all. It was fun to explore new water, but the fishing was generally poor. As of 4 PM, Ken and Dan had 5 walleyes in the well. They pulled spinners behind bottom bouncers with the best success at a depth of 40 feet. I'm not sure Ken and Dan put any more fish in the boat late in the day. Last I heard, they set off to explore the Sanpoil Arm. It is possible that they are in custody of the Colvilles. Earlier in the day, we witnessed these guys blasting each other with high-powered water guns. Does anyone know if water weaponry is legal on the reservation?

Peter and I caught 1 walleye, 2 trout and 2 bass pulling spinners between 25 feet and 60 feet. Peter had never heard of the banana curse, but I think that he is a believer now. My wife graciously offered to pack my lunch for me Saturday night. It was delicious (of course), but I was disappointed when I discovered that a banana was packed with my lunch. Sorry Peter. That's my fault for not checking the lunch bag.

Lyle, Mark and Linda reported a catch of 12 smallmouth bass and 2 small walleyes. Coincidentally, there was a bass tournament being held on Roosevelt that day. Lyle did you finish in the money?