Tom and Dianne at Fort Spokane (Roosevelt) 8-19

Tom, Dianne and visiting older daughter, thought we would try a little afternoon/evening fishing and combine it with dinner on a remote beach. Launched at Ft Spokane at 2pm. Pulled and pitched jigs on Outhouse Flat picked up 17 inch Walleye. Had enough bites to hang around for about an hour, think it might have been bass bite. Ran up to the Lake to the Hump across from Naborly picked up 3 more (13-15 inches) in about an hour pitching jigs from the top of the hump and casting in all directions. Around 5pm went on a quiet beach and had a nice dinner where we were joined by a flock of Turkeys (2 adults and six young). These were actual birds and not more Walleye fisherman. After dinner headed down lake and spent some time off the edge of the gravelly bank at Six Mile creek and  a little lower by the green can.  Picked up one 15 inch walleye and about a 2/3 lb smallmouth. Got back to the launch around 8pm. All fish were caught on 1/4 lead-head jig (no color) Green punkin-black pepper 4 in curly-tail  The Hump was about 40 ft.  The rest of the time, we fished 20 to 30 feet near the edge of the weeds.

Tom and Dianne with their 7lb 12oz walleye.