Bob Ploof at Banks 8/24 & 25

Saturday--Fished mid-lake to the south end.  9 keepers, 5-6 sub-legals.  One walleye in the 5-6 pound range that was promptly returned to the lake.  Also caught and released 2 very nice smallies that were pushing 5 pounds.  Sunday was better than Saturday.  Two limits by mid morning.  Same locations. Probably a few more sub-legals on Sunday than Saturday.  Pitched jigs both days (1/4 to 3/8 oz heads).  Ringworms and grubs tipped with a piece of crawler both caught fish.  Found fish as shallow as 10-15 feet and out as deep as 35 feet.  Caught a few smallies in the 3-4 pound range on Sunday as well.  Regardless of the species, the fish in Banks Lake are in great shape. They're foraging on perch, small bass and crayfish.  Size of the baitfish regurgitated in the livewell was approx. 4-4 1/2".  Surface temp hovered around 70 degrees in the morning and was close to 76 degrees by late afternoon.  It was partly cloudy and the winds were minimal both days.  I also heard that there was a good plug and spinner bite on Barker Flats in 20-25' FOW.  Food for thought.