Ken and Greg at Rufus Woods 9/10

Ken and I worked hard to get 11 walleyes (1 released) and a rainbow trout. Most of the walleyes were 16 inches, but we got a few in the 18-20 inch range. We hit the water about 11AM. The river level was very low and there was very little current. Fishing was poor until current levels increased in the middle of the afternoon. We picked up our first fish (20 inch walleye) around 2PM. Our next fish didn't come until 330PM. The action was consistent between 4PM and 6PM. We pulled 2oz bottom bouncers and spinners along the river channel near the Island 2 miles below Seaton's Grove. Lime green was the most productive spinner color. Depth was highly variable. During the hours of bright sunlight, we caught our fish in 40-60ft. Near the end of the day we picked up a couple as shallow as 20ft. It was about 90 degrees with no cloud cover and no wind.