Del at Porcupine Bay 8/25 and 9/1

Spent the last two Sundays on the Spokane Arm. We launched out of Porcupine both times and worked our way up the narrows to the Weeping Wall. Worked some jigs part of the time and dragging smiley blades part of the time. On both occasions we picked up a few eyes and quite a few smallmouth on our ventures through the narrows. These eyes ended up being bonus fish because when we got to our original destination (The Weeping Wall), the bite was on!!!

The first Sunday was spent with my father and daughter and couldn't of ask for a better day on the water. We drilled fish none stop for 2 1/2 hours using 1/4 oz  jigs. Most where just good eater size fish with a few bigger ones netted as a bonus. But I do mean non stop! Ended up catching 50 + fish within that 2 1/2 hour period!!! It was incredible how aggressive these fish where being!

The second Sunday was spent with a couple great fishing buddies of mine and started out basically the same as the previous Sunday. But didn't waste near as much time getting up to The Weeping Wall. Just had to get up there to see if the previous was a fluke.   NOT!!!!!!   Once again it was on fire!!! Jigged up 75 + between 7am -11am with the biggest being 19.5 inches and about 2.5 lbs. Once again it was a very aggressive bite, one would think bass fishing but for walleyes! Had a great time on both outings! Good fishing and great people!!!