Allan and Sam on the arm 9/7

Spent the full day fishing the Spokane Arm from cemetery to buoy 5, including the flat at the bottom of the narrows, the weeping wall, a couple of rocky shorelines and couple of outside weed bed edges.  Jigged with worm tipped plastic grubs (yellow w/black dots), and cast to shorelines. Trolled with harness' as well along the weed lines and flats.  Fished mostly shoreline to 30 FOW, but hit a hole at 70' that also had the same smaller walleye.  Found walleye and small mouth active most everywhere.  Probably released 30 or more smaller fish. Didn't really keep track after so many.  Only large walleye was hooked on a spinner rig along weedbed close to buoy 5 but was lost at boat side. Smallies ranged up to about 3 lbs.  Water temp about 73, cloudy most all day with light rain pretty consistent until mid afternoon. Never found a real school of active bigger walleye, but not for lack of looking.  Think we kept a half dozen or so for the cleaning board.