Jim at Lake Roosevelt (Lincoln area): 2/14

Went fishing with friend (JH) from Seattle to Lake Roosevelt. Put in at Lincoln at about 9:30AM. Rained all the way there, ground was suddenly 2" snow covered just as we reached the ramp. Ramp was not slick at all though launching was a breeze. As we arrived at our first destination JH had first fish on before I could get my line in the water. He caught it drop shooting a perch fly pattern. I finally got my rod ready and was using a 5/8oz black jig with motor oil / red flake 3" grub tipped with 1" of worm and scented with Pro Cure Trophy Walleye scent. I immediately had a bite then landed one. I went on to catch two more fairly quickly & again missed several bites. Bites were VERY subtle, and you had to almost be dead-sticking the grub. JH had switched to the same grub, but didn't have a bite. I had a few more bites and caught our 5th and last walleye of the day; had a few more bites before we realized the difference in "working the lure" made this day. JH was being a bit too aggressive in jigging his grub and had no bites. Unfortunately the fish suddenly turned off, and we didn't have a bite for the rest of the day. All fish were about 20" and caught in 40 feet in our first hour on the water. We initially had small breeze out of the North and what seemed like a bit of current where we were. Then when wind went slack as the front arrived the bite stopped. Seemed like the current stopped also. (Does mid-lake Roosevelt have current changes??) A nice fishing breeze eventually picked up out of South at the of day and we returned to our original spot just before dark, again without success. Given the weather we've been having, we lucked out with a beautiful winter day on Roosevelt.