Tom, Steve and Doug at Roosevelt (Lincoln) 3/12

Met  Steve R at Yokes in Airway Heights about 9 A.M. Found Doug N there also and we all headed for Roosevelt to purchase a launch permit. Having heard glowing reports of the areas downstream from Lincoln  we headed over to Seven Bays to put in. Doug picked up Ron H on the way over and were met with a surprise. The weather was perfect. Clear, no wind, but a tad cool.. The surprise was 1/4 inch of ice covering the basin.. Had to become an Ice breaker to get to the main lake. Headed  down toward Lincoln, and ran into large thin(luckily) ice flows on the main lake across from the mouth of Hawk Creek. Makes a lot of racket when your in a tin boat. Doug and Ron dropped off past Lincoln and I headed down to Halverson Canyon to see if there was anything on some humps down there. There wasn't. Went back up to the point and pulled in with some other boats, Doug and Ron among them. Doug had four eyes (he does wear glasses), so I resorted to his method, which was plain jig and a Gulp Minnow, no worm. Water temp was 36 degrees so every thing was super slow. I kinda zigged and zagged from 20 to 40 feet . Managed to get 2 in the boat and lost a couple on the way up. No size to speak of. About 4 o'clock we headed up stream to the Rock across from Seven Bays(no ice coming back) alas there were no fish there either. Called it a day around 5 headed into Davenport to the Bowling Alley for a Burger and a Beer. Steve had a beer called "Irish Death". I was kinda worried on the way back but he was alive when we got to Airway Heights, and he called me the next day. the Beer is misnamed. Maybe cause he's German???