Del at Roosevelt (Porcupine Bay) 3/7

Headed out of Medical Lake at around 6:00 am with my buddy Dave. Contemplated where we should launch at and decided to hit Porcupine Bay. As we came around the bend and paralleled the water before the campground we looked out and (as we figured) all you could see was chocolate milk. Not mud lines, just straight chocolate milk as far as the eye could see! So with hesitation we proceeded to the launch. Launched at approx. 7:00 am and headed out to Blue Creek Flats. Water  temps. were 37 degrees, winds calm, sun poking through light cloud cover, and air temp was 34 degrees and climbing quick. As soon as we pulled in to one, of my many waypoints in this area, we started marking fish at about 48ft. Dropped the bow mount and tossed out our jig rigs. Jigged for about the first hour, changing up color about every third cast with no results (still marking fish though). Noticed that we were losing visual of our jigs within the first foot of water on the drop. Decided to switch it up and stared pitching jig raps and blade baits. Still know results so tried dragging some worm harnesses. Tried some bright hard blades and some death hooks w/ smileys. Still no results but still marking fish. Figured it was time to try a different spot, so we headed down stream to the cemetery area. Back to jigging and managed to finally drag in one fish. Stuck around for a few more hours with no prevail. So at this point I decided that since I can’t seem to catch any fish I might as well catch a tan in the sunny, mid day, mid 50 degree weather. So I proceeded to strip down to the old speedo and laid out on the deck of the old Lund, and caught some rays!!!!  LOL (just kidding)!!!! But it was a beautiful day of some much needed sun and warmer weather!!!!   Bumped in to a fellow NWW club member who pulled into the launch right after us that morning and figured we would see how he had been doing. He had managed three fish first thing that morning. I believe he had been jigging and using blade baits further downstream when he landed those. So at this point we decided to call it and headed for the launch. Did find out later that our NWW club buddy managed five by the end of his trip that day. But didn't come easy!!!!