Banks Lake

Banks Lake was constructed as part of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project. The lake is filled by pumping water from nearby Lake Roosevelt. This 27 mile long reservoir extends from Coulee City on the south end to Electric City on the north end. Banks Lake has the reputation of being one of the best walleye lakes in the state of Washington for both numbers of fish and quality sized fish. Most years, Banks Lake freezes in the winter providing anglers with the opportunity to ice fish for walleyes, perch, and rainbow trout. May, June and July typically provide the best walleye fishing on Banks Lake, but experienced anglers have been known to have success throughout the summer and fall. Beware of the potential for rough water on this lake. The south to north orientation of the reservoir can act as a "wind tunnel" given the right wind direction. In addition to being an outstanding walleye lake, Banks Lake is known for being a terrific bass fishery for both smallmouth and largemouth. Banks also experiences good year classes of big yellow perch from time to time.