Greg and Ed: Roosevelt - 7/27

Brand new member Ed joined me for a breezy day on Roosevelt. Boat control was difficult sustained 15 mph gusting to 25 mph. We struggled to find fish with only three walleyes, a trout, and a bass to show for our efforts between 830 AM and 1 PM. We finally figured out a pattern in the afternoon and ended up catching a total of 15 walleyes before we motored back to the launch around 530 PM. The water temperature was 71 degrees with morning clouds and bright afternoon sun.

Ken L: Roosevelt - 7/12

On July 12 I went solo. I fished between 0830 and 1130 and had my limit. I had a 22in that was 3.9 lbs
And two 20", two 18". Most were caught in 35'.

Travis: Roosevelt - 7/7

Travis and his buddy caught 14 walleyes and a nice smallmouth bass on a breezy Sunday afternoon/evening. They were casting shallow into weeds and mudlines. Great job making the wind work to your advantage!!!


Greg: Roosevelt - 7/3

I joined Randy for the day on Roosevelt. We launched around 9 AM and fished until about 5 PM. We ended up with 14 keepers. Similar to my recent trips, the majority of the fish were in the 15 to 17 inch range. We did get a couple between 18 and 19 inches. The water temperature is in the upper 60s and the lake is at full pool.

Jim and Seth K: Roosevelt - 6/28

I took my Son Seth out with me for an evening of fishing on Spokane Arm or Lake Roosevelt on evening of Friday June 28th. Attempted to fish new to me weedbeds plus some of my old stand by’s, but all of our fish this trip were taken off of a single rocky hump. Ended up catching three walleye up to 18”, and three SMB up to 19” (3 lb 12oz!!).

Jim K: Roosevelt - 6/23-24

I was on Spokane Arm from 8:30PM until very dark on Sunday night, and all day on Monday. My fishing partner and I caught about 15 walleyes and numerous smallmouth bass fishing tops of weeds slow swimming plastic baits on jigs.

June Picnic: Kettle Falls - 6/13-17

Overall, the fishing around Kettle Falls seemed a little slower than some years for our club camp out and picnic. Walleyes were scattered, but most of them were perfect keeper size. It seemed as though the walleyes most of us were catching were in the 15 to 18 inch range and a bit thicker than the typical Roosevelt walleye.

Brian H: Moses Lake - 6/7

From former SWC members Brian H (now lives in Wrn Washington). He and his son headed to the east side for 3 days of walleye fishing.

Moses Lake: We ended up with 5 nice walleyes:  a 24,  two 20s, and two 18s . We loaded up and went to Potholes about 2:00 and launched in the top of crab creek under the power line, caught one right away but the wind and weeds we unmanageable. We are heading to Porcupine in the morning to give it a try, back to camp, and I think we may try the Columbia up by the Gorge Amphitheater for a bit before going back over the mountain on Sunday.

Greg and Allan: Roosevelt - 6/4

We had a gorgeous day on Roosevelt. Mostly sunny with a gentle breeze and temperatures in the mid 70s. The fishing was good, too. We caught about 20 walleyes, a 19 inch rainbow, and a smallmouth bass. We fished several spots and managed to find the perfect keeper sized fish with most in the 16 to 18 inch range. I even managed to land a 24 inch spawned out female which we released after a picture. We fished the Spokane Arm, and it sure was nice to have Porcupine Bay open for launching the boat. The fish cleaning station and campground were still closed.


Jim K: Roosevelt - 6/1

I fished Lake Roosevelt the early AM of June 1 for about four hours.  I spent most of my time working weedbeds near current starting at the Narrows, and working downstream. back through Porcupine basin.  I fished almost exclusively fished jerk baits, crank baits and swimsuits.  I ended up catching one 19” walleye, and several nice size smallmouth bass.  Most of the fishing boats I saw were heading upstream from where I was fishing.

Jim K: Roosevelt - 5/27

I took my kids for a very short camping trip to Ft. Spokane.  Despite being Memorial Day weekend, I arrived at the campground at about 5:30PM on Sundays and found several sites open.  I fished with the kids on Monday AM from about 9:30-11:30 and avoided walleye, preferring to target smallmouth for my kids interest levels.  We caught about 10, all were between 2.5 and 3.5 pounds off of rock piles.

We began targeting with jerk baits fished on a normal pause retrieve and picked up our first few fish.  Eight year old son Seth kept mentioning he wanted to use worms, so I taught him how to wacky work with a Yum Dinger brand stick bait.  He began to regularly catch SMB by himself, & was far outpacing my catching with my shadow rap deep lure I was using.  Even though Seth was using a circle hook, we kept one that was very deeply gut hooked and grilled him for shore lunch & used his remains for crawfish bait.  Found a green crawdad with orange hi lights inside this fish… our Yum Dinger was green pumpkin with chartreuse tail.  Fish seemed to be coming off of about 8’ of water surrounding the rock piles.  Was a fun couple of hours for the kids before we headed to a beach for rest of afternoon.


Greg and Ken: Roosevelt - 5/10

Ken and I had beautiful weather with sunshine, light winds, and temperatures in the 70s. We launched at 10am and fished until 530pm. We ended up keeping 17 walleyes in the 13 to 18 inch range and threw at least a dozen small walleyes back. We also caught a rainbow and a smallmouth bass. None of the walleyes that we kept had any eggs, and it looked like most of them were males or juvenile fish. The water temperature averaged 53 degrees.

Greg: Roosevelt - 4/25

After finishing my last night shift, I grabbed a couple hours of sleep and hit the road. I launched at Ft Spokane around 1 PM and was off the water by 7 PM. I tried a couple of spots and finally found a school of 15 inch walleyes that were eager to bite. Once I found them, it didn’t take long to catch a limit. Water clarity at Ft Spokane was poor, but the visibility was good on the main lake and also good up the Arm. Water temperature was in the upper 40s.

Larry and Brian: Roosevelt - 4/18

Fished the arm with an old buddy and former stellar member, SWC, who now lives on the west side, Brian. We picked up probably 15 fish keeping the larger ones shown here. Water temp 44-45, slightly stained water, not bad. We had to quit early , around 3:00 and timed our arrival back in Spokane right at rush hour.  We’ll fry ‘em up tomorrow.


Greg and Randy: Roosevelt - 4/17

We found fishing to be tough in the Spokane Arm. It was really hard to find any keepers. We ended the day catching about 25 walleyes but only kept 7. The largest fish was a 16 inch male. Many of the walleyes that we caught were only 11 or 12 inches.

Travis: Roosevelt - 3/30

Fished the Arm yesterday afternoon.....  Pulled 13 including a 19, 2-18's, and 2-17's.  Water was 45-47 degrees ... It was a bit stained, but not awful......