Greg and Larry: Roosevelt - 6/23

The weather was perfect for a day on Lake Roosevelt. New member Larry and I got on the water around 930 AM and fished until 5 PM. It had been almost a month since fishing on Roosevelt. Wow! What a difference. The lake is up 30 feet and near summer pool. Fishing was steady for small fish. We caught 18 walleyes (12 to 16 inch range) and a 17 inch rainbow trout.

For most of the day, it was just the two of us on the boat. However, an unwelcome guest climbed aboard for a short time. We noticed a snake crossing the channel while trolling, so we reeled up our lines to go take a closer look. Sure enough, it was a two foot rattlesnake.  As we turned around to resume fishing, the darn thing followed the boat. I kicked up the speed of the trolling motor, but it wasn't soon enough. The snake had reached the outboard. I thought that there was no way a snake could crawl up the back of my boat, but I was WRONG! A couple minutes later, it was in my splash well. When I exclaimed, "the snake is in the boat", Larry jumped onto the front deck and yelled "where?". We managed to poke the snake with fishing rods and pull him out of the steering cables. The snake was back in the lake! The snake climbed back up the motor two more times! It finally took getting the boat on plane, and dragging the snake for 30 yards before it finally let go.

Jim K: Banks Lake - 5/27-30

Fished Banks Lake last half of Memorial day weekend and Tuesday AM.  Based on my own time on the water, and from everyone I talked to including the campground host of Steamboat Rock State Park walleye fishing remains very slow.  I only talked to (or even heard of) anyone that had caught any walleyes.  One other fisherman had only caught two walleyes in three days.

For walleye on morning #1 I started off pitching jigs and casting a variety of crank baits over the scattered weed beds in devil’s punchbowl, fishing everywhere from the edges of the weeds up to where they were about 8’ below the surface.  I continued with similar pattern over and in the weeds of Kruk’s bay.  With the jigs over the weeds I just was ticking the tops of the weeds and also pitched 1/8 oz jigs with plastic letting it fall between the weeds, basically working it through the cover.  Again, I worked various depths from weed tops 6’ below the surface to the edge of the weeds.  Ran to Barker’s Flats… same poor results.

On morning #2 there was a bit of a breeze out of the North so I headed to a North facing shoreline just up from rose bush.  I casted variety of cranks from 15’ to 1’.  I also bottom bounced with spinners & crawlers out to 30’.  I scouted with my electronics out to 35-40’.  All signs of walleye were absent on electronics all weekend.

Thought out the lake I often ran across schools of whitefish as verified with my video camera. Next time, especially during a slow walleye bite I may drop a small jigging rap down to them and see if I can hook up.

The remainder of my fishing time was spent scouting for “kids fishing”, or fishing with my family.  I had extremely good luck for small mouth bass using Ultra Light Rippin’ Raps in far backs of numerous tiny coves where water level was only a few feet deep.  Most times one could not keep the small ones off, but I managed to catch a 17”, 15” and a 14” SMB while targeting the smaller bass.

Hi-light of the trip was the 13” SMB caught by my son Seth.  It was his first fish to do it all alone… casting, retrieve, setting the hook, reeling it in!

Greg K: Rock Lake - 5/27

My six year old daughter has been asking to go fishing this spring. I finally had a weekend off with some nice weather, so my Father-In-Law and I put her in the truck and we headed to Rock Lake. We fished from 430 pm to 7 pm. We caught 7 trout. It was a mixed bag of rainbows, steelhead, and a brown trout.

We started trolling 3 rods (two with crankbaits and one with a spinner and crawler). I hadn't even put the spinner and crawler rod in the rod holder before I hooked up with the first steelhead. Within 30 minutes, we were all fishing with spinners and crawlers. We used 1 or 2 ounce snap weights to get the baits down about 15 to 20 feet. Troll speed was 1.5 to 1.8 mph. Lindsay reeled in all of the fish. Most of them were on her little purple Zebco rod. A silver spinner was the hot color. She exclaimed, "Daddy these fish are really tough! They fight hard when they see the boat, but I'm not going to give up."

Greg K: Roosevelt - 5/26

My Father-In-Law (from Illinois) and I made a day trip to Fort Spokane. The launch is open!  The lake level was around 1249 when we launched, and rising about 2 feet per day. There was a lot of debris in the Spokane Arm, but I have seen it worse. The water was surprisingly clear except for a layer of scum on the surface from all of the pine pollen. The bite was on!!! We caught at least 30 walleyes and a couple bass. Most of the fish we found were too small to keep (11 to 13 inches), but we did get our share of 14 to 17 inchers.

Greg K: Rufus Woods - 5/12

I was still recovering from night shifts, so I didn't get on the road very early on Friday. I didn't get the boat on the water until 1130 AM. I fished until about 7 PM. I got 5 walleyes, 2 trout, and 3 pike minnows. The walleyes were 17, 18, 19, 20, and 21.5 inches. There were only 5 other boats at the Seaton's Grove launch, about half of the number I saw a couple of weeks ago. The current remains strong about 5 mph in the channel by the launch. Water temperature is only 47 degrees.

Ken and Sharon L: Moses Lake - 5/10

Ken and Sharon went to Moses for a day trip. It was warm and sunny with a high near 80. Ken said all they had to show for their trip was a sunburn. He said he saw 60 boats, and didn't see a net the entire time he was on the water. 

Greg K: West Medical - 5/8

My neighbor has Mondays off and his 5 year old loves to talk about fishing on my boat. He often asks to play pretend fishing on my boat while it is in my garage. Today we decided to do some fishing for real, and headed to West Medical Lake for a couple of hours. After the first hour of trolling, I was beginning to think that we were going to have to "pretend to catch some fish". We trolled the middle of the lake (25-30 feet of water) adding weights to get our spinners and crawlers to various depths. I couldn't even mark a fish. The few boats that were on the lake didn't seem to be catching anything, either.

By hour two, we were at the far north end of the lake. Finally, little Aidan's Mutant Ninja Turtle pole bent, and he exclaimed that he had a fish. Sure enough, he reeled in a 9 inch rainbow. For the next hour, we trolled the shallows (8 to 15 feet deep) along the bank and caught 5 more little trout. As we put fish in my live well, we noticed several chironomids up to 3/4" in length in the well. Evidently, the fish were in the warmer, shallow water eating these aquatic insects before they hatched.

Tom F: Banks Lake - 4/30 to 5/4

Met Bill J from Kettle Falls at Banks lake. He got there Sat and I got there on sunday.  Weather was poor with wind. White caps on Monday stayed on the beach. Mainly because fishing was terrible. Bill said  that  he  talked to three different boats who had been  there since Friday They are there every year at the same time we are and generally stay for one or two weeks... They all left early, not one fish for all three boats  A couple of Kettle Falls club guys came in Wednesday to fish with us. End result, three boats fished north of Steamboat Rock using spinners, jigs, dropshot and crank baits. 1 Walleye on a shallow running crank bait all day... Thursday the Kettle Falls guys went down to Rufus, Bill went home and I fished about four hours in Devils Lake and a couple of other bays that the wind had been blowing into and finally picked one up on a jig in about 18 feet of water. Funny thing was all the time we were out all of us marked tons fish on the graph in water from 18 to 40 feet. Finally I pulled into Coulee Playland and ask Lew where all the fish were? The answer..Bolivar

Paul L: Lake Unknown - 5/4

I know this isn't a walleye, but conditions and circumstances have prevented my usual participation in walleye catching. Yesterday I was able to fish a nearby lake and landed and released this 20# 38" Mackinaw. Will have to do until I can pursue some walleye.

Allan and Lyle: Moses Lake - 4/29

Target Species:                  Walleye

Lake or River Fished:         Moses Lake
Date(s) Fished:                  April 29, 2017 Saturday with Lyle
Weather Conditions:           sunny to high over cast
Wind:                               7 -10 mph
Ambient Temp:                  upper 50 to low 60
Water Temp.:                    54
Water Clarity:                   2 feet
Moon Phase:                      new moon

Location Fished:                Connelley ramp up to rocky ford

Lure Type:                         spinners & cranks

Bait Used:                         crawlers

Method:                            trolling          

Depth:                               4 to 25 FOW

Catch Record:

Lyle              15 inch walleye and  13 inch perch

Allan             23 inch Walleye and12 inch perch

All fish were caught on spinners and bottom walkers.

Nothing on cranks.

Fishing was slow the walleye were spawning.

Club Fish Day: Moses Lake - 4/29

We had a 4 boat caravan leave from Spokane on Saturday morning. A couple other boats got to Moses Lake on Friday and joined us fishing Saturday. We launched out of Connelly Park. The launch and picnic area is a very nice facility! Fishing was poor. We caught a handful of walleyes, a couple perch, and some bullheads. Our members were surprised to see the number of boats and high fishing pressure the Rocky Ford Arm received. We saw very few fish netted during the day. There was a bass tournament, but most anglers were targeting walleye.

Jim K: Rufus Woods/Banks Lake - 4/22

Started out the day on Rufus Woods only to find that the current was somewhat less than it was on previous days.  Jigged in eddies and caught one walleye and 6 trout by noon.  Decided to play an audible and move to Banks.  Ended up skunked on Banks while trolling bottom bouncers.

Greg and Sanford: Rufus Woods - 4/19

Greg and Sanford made a day trip to Rufus Woods. We got on the water about 9 AM. There were at least 10 rigs in the Seaton's Grove parking lot (quite a few for a Wed). There was a high overcast most of the day with temperatures in the upper 50s. Between 4 PM and 5 PM, rain showers began. I forgot to bring the top for my boat, so we left despite good fishing. We caught 6 walleyes (19, 21, 22, 23, 24, and 26 inches), 3 rainbow trout, and a pike minnow.

Sanford caught his personal best 24 inch walleye.

Sanford caught his personal best 24 inch walleye.

Greg released this 26 inch walleye.

Greg released this 26 inch walleye.

Allan, Patrick, Greg: Rufus Woods - 4/14

We fished out of Allan's boat on Good Friday. The forecast was for windy and showery weather, so we made the trip to Rufus to find some protection in the deep canyon. It turned out to be a beautiful day, and we could go without jackets during the afternoon. We caught 7 walleyes, 5 rainbows, a white fish, and a northern pike minnow. The walleyes were 16, 19, 20, 22, 22, 22, and 23 inches (all males).

Club Fish Day: Ft Spokane - 3/25

We had 4 or 5 boats for our first Club Fish Day of the year. I imagine some folks stayed home to watch the Zags play Xavier. The weather was beautiful in the morning with sunshine and light winds. By mid afternoon, we had a few light rain showers. The showers didn't get us wet, but produced gusty 15 to 20 mph winds from various directions. The lake level was about 1252 ft. Launching out of Ft Spokane was no problem, but the ramp will be high and dry within the next couple of weeks as the seasonal draw down continues.

Fishing was slow, but steady. Allan W and Bruce W struggled with a trolling motor failure, but still put 5 keeper walleye in the boat. Greg K and new member Vince W caught 17 walleyes ranging from 12 inches to 18.5 inches. New member Bob from Kooskia Idaho brought his son-in-law and grandson for the weekend. They got several keepers. And new members Randy and Vicki H caught their first walleyes ever.

Allan and Bruce: Lake Roosevelt - 3/25-26

Target Species:          Walleye

Lake or River Fished:  Fort Spokane
Date(s) Fished: 3-25 & 26 2017
Weather Conditions:  everything in one day   
Wind: 5 to 15
Ambient Temp:  upper 40’s
Water Temp.:  38
Water Clarity:  Spokane arm chocolate milk. Main lake above the confluence of Spokane and Columbia water was pretty clear.
Moon Phase: Full moon

Catch Record: Went with Bruce W he caught 1 SMB & 5 eater eyes. I caught 3 eater eyes.

Mike and Allan: Lake Roosevelt - 3/4

Target Species:                  Walleye

Lake or River Fished:         Lake Roosevelt Kettle Falls
Date(s) Fished:                  Saturday, March 4, 2017
Weather Conditions:           Clear and a few clouds
Wind:                               Calm to blown
Ambient Temp:                  high 30s
Water Temp.:                    38
Water Clarity:                   3 to 4 feet


Mike and I fished out of Kettle Falls, Caught about 30 kept 18. Largest we caught was 4.25# x 22.5 inches all that were cleaned were male. Thanks Mike for a good day.

Allan: Devil's Lake ND - 2/24-27

This fishing report is for Devils Lake North Dakota.

Dates Friday February 24 thru Monday February 27.

The first two days Kendal, Craig and I got skunked although we worked hard moving to different ice house and trying just about every lure and bait combination we could think of.

Sunday was Kendal day as he put on a clinic while Craig and I watched. K put 6 perch in the bucket and an eater walleye.  The real success of the day was also K’s as he spoke with Tom the scout/guide for Woodland Resort and got tips and techniques to put fish in the bucket.

Monday was fish on. About 30 perch and a few eater walleye for the three of us.

The key was to use a blade bait or noise/vibration creating lure to "wake the perch up" and get them moving. Then with a tungsten jig gold and two or three wax worms with the rod in hand, dead stickish set the hook on any touch or movement.  A vexilar or Marcum was key to knowing they were in the area.