Potholes Reservoir

The Potholes Reservoir is part of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project. It is located south of Moses Lake and is fed by water from Moses Lake which is part of the Crab Creek Reservoir. Potholes experiences a summer/fall draw down as irrigation draws water from the lake to support local agriculture. During most winters, Potholes freezes providing an excellent opportunity for anglers to fish for perch, crappie, and walleyes through the ice. In the spring, Potholes is often one of the first walleye lakes in the region to become productive since it is relatively smaller than systems like Lake Roosevelt and Banks Lake. April, May and June can produce very good action for walleyes, and the fall bite (mid September through October) can be good, too. In addition to walleyes, Potholes has a good population of perch, crappie, smallmouth, largemouth, and bullheads.