Our Fishing Reports

SWC Members. To gain access to "Reports for SWC Members", pay your dues. An updated password will be emailed to you.

Our fishing reports are supplied by Spokane Walleye Club members. Generic reports are available free to everyone by clicking the "Reports" tab under "Fishing Reports". Many of the details about specific fishing spots, techniques, colors and baits have been omitted from these free reports.

More detailed fishing reports can be accessed by Spokane Walleye Club members under the "Reports for SWC Members" tab. Club members that have paid their annual dues may obtain password access by emailing gjkoch@q.com.

Anyone can join the Spokane Walleye Club. An annual family membership is $25. Club members receive six newsletters per year, free camping at our June and September fishing/camping events, educational club seminars, and more.

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