Jim K: Potholes - 11/2

Following Greg’s lead from October 30th, I too ventured to Potholes for my 2nd ever fishing opportunity.  My first Potholes experience was limited to the Lind Coulee arm due to wind, so I never really did experience the reservoir.  After weeks of overcast weather and exceptional fishing reports, our day turned out to be extremely sunny… a day sandwiched between a dreary Saturday, and a forecasted cloudy Monday.  We got on the lake at 9:45AM, and immediately hooked up with a 20” walleye and two perch. There were many boats on the water, but only one next to us.  That fisherman caught two very nice walleyes in the same 20 minutes.  Then the fishing died… died for everyone!  We didn’t see another walleye landed the rest of the day, despite fishing some very crowded conditions.  We only witnessed a few perch caught.  It wasn’t until the last hour of the day that we again picked up a few fish, finishing our day with three walleye and five very large perch.  Color didn’t matter all day long. Our walleye were 20”, 18” and 15”.  Largest perch wasn’t measured, but I guess to be about 12”.  Guys were slaying the crappie at the dock under the lights when we trailered the boat at the end of the day.