Travis: Roosevelt - 6/24

I had a good day on Sunday.  I took out a newbie who hasn't fished in 20 years and we both pulled plenty of fish.  In total we pulled 19 walleye and 2 bass.  We also lost 3 during the fight of which one felt like it might have gone a couple of pounds. Every boat had a few fish, but nobody that we talked to on Sunday had over 5 of them.

The rumors are true.......  The average size of the fish in the Arm seem to be an inch or two better than the average size in previous years.  Also, the "will to live" seemed stronger in these fish than in previous years.  There were a couple where I thought they were smallys before I saw them.  They are also slightly chunkier than in previous years.    

The reservoir is at full pool and the water is very clear now and if we had any wind, we would probably have limited.  As it is, it was still a great day with steady action throughout.  When your fishin' cranks, you can cover a lot of water and find the active ones.